Christmas Haul 2016 | Clothing & Accessories


Christmas Video #1 is here! Christmas Haul 2016 | Clothing & Accessories! Please SUBSCRIBE here! Gosh it feels so good to hit this upload …


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  1. I love those clothes ahhh! The robe is adorable!

  2. muck segler says:

    so much clothes! please give your old clothes for donation

  3. Where do you get your stock music?

  4. mentioning being snuggled up in warm sweaters, with snow falling. Over here in Calgary we have no snow yet! other parts of Canada seem to be super cold, but Calgary is really holding on to the heat! we have just barely dipped below 0 the past few days!

  5. I swear you're my spirit animal. I love Christmas SO MUCH :D

  6. Estelle Yeo says:

    omggosh ur headboard (isthatwhatyoucallem) is soo cute gahhh I really love the background in this video good job !!!!

  7. pretty lilay says:

    Nope…that's not weird at all…i'm talking about the underwear ? when we were young…when we received socks or underwear we're so annoyed or not happy about it….but now no matter how many socks or underwear we have, it seems like it will never be enough ?

  8. DIY Sa says:

    i love you so much????????????

  9. Yuki Shindou says:

    You are so cute and I love your style

  10. Omg I also sleep in socks! My feet are always freezing even with my fuzzy socks on ;;;

  11. stardustgirl says:

    VS Pink Christmas underwear is soooo cute! I kind of went overboard with them this year, lol! And you can never have enough socks (or so I tell myself). The fuzzy reindeer ones were super cute.

  12. Irina Cia says:

    is your boyfriend going to spend Christmas with you in Canada or is he staying in Japan?

  13. I love red and it suits you so well.
    Your sweaters are beautiful. ☺

  14. Alice Alice says:

    Since I started watching your videos a few months ago, your videos have helped me enormously (I suffer with chronic pain and cystic severe acne). You light up the world. You make the world a better place

  15. Alice Alice says:

    Omg I want to watch Elf now

  16. Arizh says:

    the tshirts saying I have been nice this year and i have been naughty this year, makes me laugh atm, because of your new video XD or you could use it to torture your bestfriend! XD

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