Clinton: My privilege to be friend of Israel


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton boasts of her record of support for Israel, saying she is proud of her part in keeping “our relationship rock-solid.”

“I have been proud to do my part to keep our relationship rock-solid over the years,” she said in a speech Wednesday to the American Jewish Committee’s global forum in Washington.

Clinton My privilege to be friend of Israel

Making references to her upcoming book, “Hard Choices,” Clinton ran through a series of Middle East-related decisions made during her time as secretary of state, according to POLITICO.

“I must say, as my book is published, you’ll see more of the ways that I did that in the four years I served as secretary. The endless meetings, the vigorous discussions, even arguments, the endless phone calls. But it was always, for me, an important part of not just my responsibility, but my privilege to be a friend of Israel.”

Clinton, the potential 2016 Democratic frontrunner for the presidency, reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to Israel. “America’s commitment to Israel’s security will never waver. That is not a hard choice,” she said with a smile, referencing the title of her new book.

On the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran, she said, the United States needed to be “tough” and refuse any deal that might “endanger” Israel.

“To get there we will have to be tough, clear-eyed and ready to walk away and increase the pressure if need be,” Clinton said.

Negotiations are currently underway in the Austrian capital Vienna between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States — plus Germany.

“No deal is better than a bad deal,” Clinton told her Jewish audience. “From my perspective, we cannot and should not accept any agreement that endangers Israel or our own national security.”

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  1. Ken Snyder says:

    It looks as though we will be stuck with the scum of the earth,clinton trash,again.After the mulato this will be a kick in the nuts.May the Gods of the Aryan people have MERCY on us poor occupied.Will the slimy jew of the ugly bitch,chelsea, be living in the black house,oh I mean White House?

  2. Squodgy says:

    Obviously, as a megalomaniac and liar of awesome proportions, she has signed the allegiance to israel and they are demanding public announcements of confirmation in order to continue funding the witch…..nice to see Democracy at work in the USA.

  3. Bitch Clinton, like her horny hubby Billy, has been and will be a shill (what I refer to as “an appeaser”) of the jews and will bend over backwards to see that they come first before the USSA.

    Jews have had control of the Clitons (that is not a spelling mistake) for decades. Billy’s splashing of jewess Monica Lewinsky sealed the deal and kept him under thumb from then on. Hellary has been a jew commie sympathizer since at least college. Their horse-faced daughter is married to one.

    Hellary in the White House would be the final nail in the coffin of the USSA. Jews already control the country. Why make it worse by putting one of their super puppets in control?

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