Clinton Sends Lackey to House Committee to Cover Her Involvement in Benghazi Attack


Susanne Posel

Reading from a prepared statement, Patrick Kennedy, Under Secretary of State for Management, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that criticism of the US government’s response to US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’ death and the attack in Benghazi was the fault of the Obama administration. The mainstream media is calling the attack a “mission in Benghazi would have overpowered even a reinforced security detail.”

Official Eric A. Nordstrom, regional security officer who served in Libya for 6 weeks from September 2011 to July 2012, said to the Committee that “the ferocity and intensity of the attack was nothing that we had seen in Libya, or that I had seen in my time in the Diplomatic Security Service.”

Nordstrom asserts that Benghazi security was weak and there was an increased concern. In fact, when Stevens requested that the State Department provide more security for him in Libya, he was denied. Since Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, is ultimately responsible for providing diplomatic security, she would have had to refuse that request.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were cut from US Embassy security over recent years, which was a perfect reason Clinton could claim as to why Stevens could not have the security needed to protect him in Benghazi.

Kennedy said: “The Department of State regularly assesses risk and allocation of resources for security; a process which involves the considered judgments of experienced professionals on the ground and in Washington, using the best information available. The assault that occurred on the evening of September 11, however, was an unprecedented attack by dozens of heavily armed men.”

An immediate cover-up over the attack in Benghazi commenced as news about the death of Stevens, Sean Smith and 2 US Marines occurred at the hands of insurgents. The US State Department leased gated-villa in Benghazi where Stevens was murdered was owned by Mohammad al-Bishari. This is one of the facts about the event that were not discussed at the Committee hearing.

The state-sponsored 14 minute trailer was brought to the attention of the Committee as the reason behind the attack in Benghazi, according to an anonymous member of the intelligence community. Sam Bacile, a.k.a. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, was an FBI informant and alleged director/writer/producer of the anti-Muslim film. Bacile, an Israeli citizen turned patsy for the US government participated in the manufacturing of a trailer that has been used to facilitate instigated tension in the Islamic world.

At first, information coming through on cables lacked a reference to the “wag the dog” anti-Muslim trailer which Obama asserts was the reason for the attack.

The official stance of the State Department was: “That is a question that you would have to ask others. That was not our conclusion.”

Also curious is that the US government was subcontracting Libyan militias for security to be used in protecting ambassadors like Stevens on missions. Some of these militia members are directly tied to Salafis, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist factions covertly used by the US government in times of manufactured decent or in the implementation of a false flag – as is being evidenced in Benghazi as facts are analyzed.

Kennedy continued: “We have always made clear that we are giving the best information we have at the time. And that information has evolved. The information she had at that point from the intelligence community is the same that I had at that point. As time went on, additional information became available.”

Clinton and the member of the current administration ultimately responsible for the attack in Benghazi, has appointed an Accountability Review Board that includes former Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen to assess the security systems and procedures in current implementation. Kennedy claims that without the conclusion of this “investigation” there is an “incomplete picture, and, as a result, our answers today will also be incomplete.”

John Brennan, Obama’s Assassination Czar and chief counterterrorism adviser has held a talk with Mohamed Magariaf, Libyan President and other officials in Tripoli, where the actual US Embassy is located. Brennan strongly suggested Magariaf comply with US pressure for “assistance from the US and other countries to combat terrorism.”

The cover-up in Benghazi was politically motivated. Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN stated just days after the attack that this was the work of a small group of extremists. Kennedy pointed out that Rice’s information was based on sketchy intelligence. Rice and the Obama administration have been purveying this false information, intimated Kennedy to the House Committee.

According to a CIA memo the demonstrations that sprung up subsequent to the attack “were spontaneously inspired by protests at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.” The next logical step, as the CIA explains, was that extremists stormed the compound to assault Stevens and the other people inside.

In reality, Stevens was working with the CIA in monitoring operations in Libya where known terrorist groups aligned with the US covertly were being watched and intelligence gathered for future use. Stevens, who was also a special representative for the National Transitional Council (NTC), the US-supported terrorist faction in Libya, was also secretly collecting information on them to be used in conjunction CIA intelligence and possibly to blackmail the faction into submission to defending US interests.

Stevens was involved in arms deals with the NTC who supports the Salafi extremist movement in Saudi Arabia as well as selling weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, these factions sent their men to murder Stevens at the gated-villa in Benghazi after Clinton reduced security and told the Libyan forces to stand down.

Since this attack, Clinton has been working hard to cover her tracks and involvement in creating the perfect scenario that would facilitate the attack which occurred. The State Department initially said that cryptic warnings of an impending attack on Benghazi was relayed, yet devoid of a time frame and therefore ignored.

In response to Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Clinton asked for more time before speaking to the Committee about her involvement in Benghazi. Clinton suggested that Issa’s investigation be held off until after the November presidential elections or even pushed back into the early part of 2013 because witnesses were being questioned at the State Department’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

However, since Clinton could not stave-off the Congressional Committee, Kennedy was sent to read from a pre-written statement.

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