Cockpit view – Boeing 747-400F Landing Amsterdam Schiphol


KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF. Route was from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam arriving just before sunset. The video starts with the initial descent …


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  1. One handed landing. Like a Boss…

  2. I think shes a pilot 3 or the crew

  3. Invictus1017 says:

    smooth touchdown. too bad no passengers on board to appreciate it :D

  4. What's this button do?

  5. at 5:00 i would say "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE AIR!!!"

  6. Alvin Akbar says:

    Fuck man I didn't know bugs flew that high lol

  7. Love it!

    As a side note, it'd be great is someone took the video and did a voiceover with a walk-thru of the whole procedure.

  8. Saeoclip says:

    lol '747' dislikes

  9. I have a thrilling landing at HONG KONG long back on AIR INDIA and also take off on PAN AM from HONO LULU all before 9/11—no chance ever to enjoy again

  10. So AP is used until the last minute of flight?

  11. Zafriq Tuah says:

    omy gosh this buses really getting complicated from time to time

  12. Viktor B. says:

    I think everyone who is in a commercial aircraft should carry a parachute.

  13. P. de W. says:

    In 2015? How is that possible after many attacks?

  14. Ian Fung says:

    great video!

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