CoD World at War 3 player co-op part 04: Blood, Fire & Gary Oldman


Check out Raz’ perspective here! Booya! The return of a classic! After my revisit to the pacific in medal of …


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  1. Abel Guerin says:

    First lol I have know I idea why this I love these you make even the Star Wars ones .videos even continue:

  2. i remember playing this game on the Wii

  3. No WW1 Ego Shooters?
    Alvin York dude, ever heard of him?

  4. the reviving in world at war is just like black ops 1 reviving 5:12

  5. Slothking22 says:

    I LOVE this game

  6. 3:25 near the border of Eastern Germany

  7. LongTree says:

    War of Rights is what i'm looking forward to.

  8. seelow heits is near Berlin

  9. play heroes and generals

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