Compare! Obama and Putin arrive in Antalya for G20. Nov.15, 2015


Barack Obama arrives in Turkey ahead of G20 summit. Vladimir Putin arrives in Turkey ahead of G20 summit.


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  1. Hans Wurst says:

    assassin sniper:"fck, is the nigga fast downstairs!"

  2. Alex Guzman says:

    What a shame for USA. No international respect for the President of USA. No honor guard, no body waiting for him. He got what he deserves.

  3. You know what they say about short men… theyre usually jewish.

  4. OPEN LETTER TO DONALD TRUMP! Congratulations, Donald Trump! Although correct in supporting women's acquired rights – as well as the honest poor population, and the Homosexuals – the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation served as an example and reference for thieving and ambitious rulers around the world. The Clintons are liars. Bill Clinton lied to the last minute about his extramarital affairs. Not that I'm Puritan. But everyone has to take responsibility for their actions, especially when that person is president of a nation. It is not enough for a senator or president to appear honest, he or she must be honest. President Donald Trump, do not fall into the same mistakes. Now, if you take out vested rights from women and homosexuals, among others – by favoring religious discourse – you will be destroyed or defeated by History. If you ask money, advantage, benefits or gains, to protect US allies these countries will begin to build nuclear weapons to defend themselves. I thing your other proposals are correct. You can lead a new world age of meritocracy. Each people must fight within their country to defeat the corrupt and incompetent bastards who take political power through farce and demagogy. On the other hand, to take refuge in countries that did their homework, like USA, is cowardice. We must fight against everything that is wrong in our country. Unfortunately, the vagabonds, the corrupt, the criminals and the religious fanatics, are taking care of the Planet. Despite all the progress of Science we are returning to the Dark Ages. Donald Trump, please, fortify the American scientists, the bests of the world. Give them all the Money e conditions they need in their research for the well-being of humanity. Get American Science to win many Nobel Prizes in the coming years during your presidential terms. Unfortunately, politicians bastards and Brazilian entrepreneurs do not like to invest in science and technology, nor in research and development. They prefer to buy political support from religions; They like to pay for seats in Paradise (indulgences); Businessmen, in turn, prefer to put their money in the holy fires of hell, selling their "soul" to religious fanaticism and to the supernatural power of the supertitions. The Brazilian Scientific Legion (LCB) will fight with all its strength for the glory and honor of science, for the dignity of atheism, secularism, agnosticism, positivism, enlightenment and freedom of thought. The LCB will fight for the fundamental human rights of the good people, for justice for innocent and defenseless victims; not for privileges, facilities and enrichment of corrupts, criminals and criminal lawyers. Donald Trump, fight for your country, the American people, the most generous people in the world, people who did their homework, but can not be neglected by fighting the evil inside your walls. President, do not let the US collapse, given that the United States of America has become the living room of planet Earth. Good luck! But beware, with the vagabonds, the lazy, the leeches, the corrupt, the sociopaths, and the psychopaths. Beware of religious fanatics and fundamentalists. They never give up. Beware also with the ides of March! Luís Carlos Balreira. World President of the Brazilian Scientific Legion.

  5. Obama is a joke!
    Putin is real, true heart!!

  6. that's a true leader right there.

  7. Putin is soooo sexy!!!

  8. lola g says:

    Hi Mr Putin. The FBI just found out that Obama has a fake name and social security number. HE stole the number from a guy who was born in 1880.

  9. HOOKAH SPOT says:

    His Benz doesn't look as safe as the American beast, look at the Cadillac door it's 2 foot thick, tiers are bulletproof, the windows can take a hit from a bazooka, Putin Benz seems normal.

  10. the jerky boys once said and i quote " a boot in the ass and a shoe to the nuts".

  11. Vengeful .D says:

    Obviously everyone of you commentators saw the difference in their arrival that you wanted to see. That's hilarious. I, for my part, don't see any difference that matters…

  12. Interesting to see all those state aircraft lined up (e.g. Japan's state 747 is behind air force one in the first scenes).

  13. Angel 7 says:

    one vote here for Mr Putin!

  14. Summary: The Turks know where their bread is buttered…….and Putin is an original to boot

  15. a Black Kenyan muslim father, a white sex worker mother, and the President of America arise. Keep going at your idols America,

  16. Seth Legis says:

    @0:44 You can see Obama did, in fact, have flowers and handed them off. The part where he receives them has been apparently cut from the video. Not a fan of Obama, but for the sake of accuracy…

  17. Obama treated with the respect he deserves. Nobody likes the phoney???

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