Corrupting the youth – Illuminati -Demons of Sexual Perversion


Corrupting the youth – Illuminati -Demons of Sexual Perversion Presented by MindSponge Affordable Custom Clothing …


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  1. I saw an episode of good morning America with Hartman back in the 80s showing garter belts for kids. Never heard of Jean Bonet Ramsey? this isn't new.

  2. You lost me at quoting the koran. It was written by madmen.

  3. MY GOD !!   I still remember that I was shocked when I got my First French Kiss at 16 back in the 60's and I did not have sex until I was 18 !   But kids today at 13  are way more aware than I was at 18 .     Looking back I can see how very innocent and naïve I was .  ………..   Today something is NOT right .   I still have the heart of a child in a way and it hurts to see kids being used this way .   Makes me want to cry and I don't know why ,  Perhaps because I cannot rescue them !

  4. Whatever happen to kids just being kids? .. :(

  5. joao marques says:

    blame those that expected dreams were soft work and was warned of that complex and yet elect it or buy it. ;)

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  7. not only that, but sexual sin opens you up to demon possession

  8. Johnish3357 says:

    Children are being prostitued out to sicko minds all over the media.
    Kids do not have the capacity for sex. God Almighty is the designer of love (what the world calls sex) His original design set His precedence regarding love. Then at Pentecost He revealed the body of Christ & accelerated True Love between believers like never before.
    Eden these days is where the 2 souls of believers go during sex!!!

  9. Kurt Mason says:

    and it all started with the acceptance of homosexuality. before too long pedophilia and bestiality will be accepted as normal

  10. This is so true .i see things differently now and my kids have never been exposed to these programs i know we as parents are not their only influence but i dont want to feed into the problem later on they might come across such programs but i dont want to walk around carrying the guilt of exposing them to these perverse culture ans speak life over them daily, binding spirits of sexual perversion and just dedicating theie lives to God whatever they might get exposed to outside they wont drift too far off. my mom has always been a praying mom growing up she'd pray for us though she told us what was right we still wanted to "taste the joys of the world "went partying remember even had a membership ticket to a club so i could go whenever i wanted and made goid use of it but I remember always feeling this resistance still like somethinh greater was watching over me. i ve since completely given my life to the lord born again spirit filled and praying daily with and over my kids and husband .God is faithful and watches over us when we call on Him He answers. my kids lives will never go to waste in jesus name Amen

  11. Ken Grassa says:

    America now a sodimite nation under satanic government control Next up Pedro sex rights and pride parade beasteality pride parade satan pride parade transexuals in military enjoy it America you ask for it voted for obama twice holy shit America wake up

  12. Ken Grassa says:

    Fucking fags are insanity run by a satanic government wake up

  13. Ken Grassa says:

    Satanic government and corporations now rule America its time to take a stand

  14. HyperbeI says:

    Youre right mindsponge.
    This world will be judged soon. The only point where i disagree with you, is that you probably believe in Allah.
    Im a christian and i invite you to search for the video: why mohammad is not a prophet by david woods.

    I hope you will keep seeking for the truth.

  15. joe riznyk says:

    nothing wrong with kissing.

  16. we have to take care of our childrens, before is too late

  17. I don't wanna say what I think should happen to Miley Cyrus, I'm afraid I'll go to prison. yuck.

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