DARK THEORY. Hollow earth? Voodoo Spirits and Mayan Gods. 2016 DOCUMENTARY.


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  1. nurseguy7581 says:

    Thanks for the upload.  Happy new year and cheers from Florida, US.

  2. mike zx says:

    great documentary just finished, would love to know where to find all the info source material

  3. keep on keeping on man…enjoy all your vids.thank you for your time in research brother.all the best to u n family.

  4. RIP Harambe says:

    Do people actuallt believe this bs

  5. i'm glad to see you're uploading again, i watch some of your older videos a long while back, Hey if i need to use a few short clips of your videos may I? i will credit and send more people to your channel as well. thanks for the info. I'm still watching

  6. I been meaning to do a video on Hel at 13:39

  7. archon DeYa says:

    hey bro i really like your documentarys

  8. Nice, but the Aryan bloodline is probably the bloodline of Kain.

  9. WOW, well done Brother no one takes the time and effort to make good work on YouTube anymore. You on the other hand have done a lot of work and I have learned more than I ever thought I would. BLESS you Brother, blessings on your family and friends :)

  10. BlackNero31 says:

    Black Country accent ;)

  11. I don't think Papa Legba is a liar as such. More of a trickster. I don't voodoo meself,but if I did, and wanted to ask for his help, id make sure that I had thought long, deep and hard,and also cover every aspect of the 'deal' cos no doubt if im doing wrong, not sharing the wealth or whatever it may be,I can be sure to be made a fool,and regret what I started!
    Loved the vid.

  12. Aliens/ufos are just the latest FAG TREND in mass brainwashing, sponsored by wannabe-global fags. Blasphemy! Do NOT  stop to record those ufo/alien/drone things people!  If you see one of those freaky things – the best thing to do is whip out your gun and SHOOT AT IT immediately.  Do not let it near you! Do not try to interact with it. And whatever you do, do not believe all this faggy love and tellytubby hug BS the government has been feeding you lately. Anything in the air without express permission from VOTED Earth religious authorities is THE ENEMY.

  13. thanks!  wolvoman80  always like  ur  stuff

  14. i enjoyed the video but a couple of points. the tuatha de danaan does not mean tribe of the gods, it means the tribe of dan, one of Jacobs sons. the tribe of dan were seafarers and were also part of the Phoenicians. Christian Identity and Brit – Ish Israel do not equate the mark of cain with dark skin. the dark skinned races came from the 6th day creation or mongrelisation and not from Adam, who was formed from the dust of the ground after YHVH's day of rest. Genesis 2 clearly explains this. the word Adam comes from a root word meaning – to show blood in the skin, to be rosy cheeked, to blush, to be ruddy complected. only Caucasian people have that ability.

  15. Tony Ciano says:

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  16. Jay Dee says:

    That Egyptian kids head/ bust at the beginning of the video looks like Jake Jilenhoff……weird


  18. Rick W says:

    Love this stuff! Thank you for filling my life with an hour of fascinating info

  19. Mike Lipitz says:

    wolvo I really need to speak with you. what's your email.

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