Daughters Get The hairstyle their mothers want them to


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  1. GYpsY CLowN says:

    Did the one with the bob cut say "Sam and Dean" ?
    As in…SAM and DEAN….
    Supernatural Sam and Dean??

  2. Madison Rose says:

    The bob, just, no, no, no, don't, no, not good. No

  3. the hair look kinda good ?

  4. I loved the blond girl's hair!

  5. OMG the girl with black hair and a white shirt looks like her mom

  6. Ale Junno xx says:

    That blond girl whas so rude to her mom): also i think she looks beter with the style her mom wanted for her, whatevs her attitude was horrible

  7. Way better! they should listen to mom

  8. I laughed when the blonde haired mom said "I really hate the middle part" but the mom has a middle part ?

  9. they all look horrible

  10. MortallicA91 says:

    now dads and sons

  11. mcr trash says:

    dont let my mom do this to me

  12. "What do you think of your daughter's hair?"


  13. Dahlia Thai says:

    Blondie looks pretty

  14. Actually, they all look pretty good. The blondes hair is just a little long.

  15. Riley Jace says:

    So that's what Ashly's mom looks like.

  16. Definitely can't say improvements were made

  17. I love the blonde girl's hair, it's so pretty

  18. Julia Marie says:

    The girl in the white shirt looked really good.

  19. Kera Houser says:

    I think the blonde one looked pretty with the long curly hair

  20. Lisa Gee says:

    The blondes hair came out good shes crazy for not liking it

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