David Icke 2016| The TRUTH About Donald Trump – hillary clinton – anonymous – illuminati – 9/11


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  1. belladj63 says:

    This is one of the many reasons I'm such a great admirer of David Icke! He is a fearless speaker of truth, telling it like it is; straight forth and to the point! David deeply cares about the human race, especially the future of humanity. I completely agree with his views on the plan re WW3. The horrific truths regarding pedophilia by the hidden hand in dragging out the horror to the point of stagnation, further proves the brilliance and intuitiveness of David Icke. We must NEVER EVER allow such atrocities I.e. Dragging it out to stagnation to occur. In the US, The Franklin Coverup, has done a damn good job in attempting to do just that. However, Old Man Bush, would do well to remember HIS LEGACY WILL FOREVER BE, NOW AND FOREVERMORE, HIS DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE LUST AND 100'S OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES LOST AND RUINED BECAUSE OF HIS SICK BEHAVIOR AND COVER UPS. Ultimately, it will be up to you and me, we the people, to KEEP ON THEM AND MAKE THESE PERPS, THROUGHOUT THE ASSORTED GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS-ALL OF THEM, FACE JUSTICE. Please listen to Icke's wise advice.

  2. Bro Mikey says:

    David Icke is a babbling lun, discounts the Bible making it into a joke and calls the operation
    of GOD"S hand silly. David Icke is a plant. Funded by people who like insanity.

  3. Icke and Alex Jones are both disinfo agents.

  4. We are still laughing at you David we have all eyes on you Devils times up

  5. You wrote books on lies lies lies repent for he's at your door brother David and you know it looking at you these days I believe you maybe already being roasted alive

  6. I have a modest hope that Trump at least will be able to stop an imminent war with Russia. I may be wrong.

  7. reno 87 says:

    omg david sometimes you are so full of shit

  8. joan varley says:

    How narrow minded are you, if you do not know the truth when you hear it? David has PROVEN himself right time and again. He is a humble person and he presents his facts with great evidence in a way that is easy to understand. We all need to open our eyes, open our hearts and not to be so closed to new or challenging information. Albert Einstein said "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance". How wonderful would it be to live in a world where people cared for others and where we stick to the guidelines of "Do no harm" – not for the sake of appearance, not for the sake of religion, not for the sake of law – but, because we have genuine love and empathy for others, even if they are not the same as us.

  9. MrChrisd73 says:

    This idiot deserves every piece of shit that is flung at him, he trivialises what are important issues with the absolute shite he drops in there like a rat taking a dump every 3 inches he walks.
    You can only conclude that he is a shill put in place to stop right minded folk looking into things in depth seriously.

  10. OH David stick with your lizard people & child blood drinking royal family theory's. I didn't realize you were a bleeding heart. Haven't you seen Europe lately???

  11. 7777Rodney says:

    I just learned about Plato's cave. Mr Icke mentions here that many things that we see and hear are not reality. If you know about Plato's cave, it helps to figure out a few things.

  12. Uros Vucer says:

    Everything is so strange lately……i dont know what to beleive……

  13. Joe w says:

    two boring thumbs down

  14. Tonoka Cook says:

    you talk about how a small group of the many causes all the stereotypical decisions we make against them, i ask you this, how many did it take to drop the twin towers? do you have a magical people filter that you can use to make sure we get the bad ones?NOOOO you dont, so we have to protect the land of the free from all potential threats. they've been at war for centuries and you want to fix it with peace, love, and multicolored jellybeans. get real dude.

  15. I'm surprised the "Masters of Deception" haven't taken David Icke out! I'd like to attend Mr. Icke's "World Wide Wake Up" Tour but the tickets cost $65. – $105.


  17. Reg Gi says:

    I am sorry for you guys but the devil of USA is in its own shit.
    The new world order is on going!
    Do you know who is Terminator?
    Do you know who is John CONNOR?
    !!!You AMERICAN people, stand up!!!
    Those two are working for Satan :
    -Europa is on of the target to destroy, its on going.
    -Communism is still a target, why?
    -War everywhere in the world for gas.
    -Government corruption, lobbies, to ride the way we live!
    STOP, get-up for your rights!

  18. Tell something new david you've been vomiting up this shit since the 90s times up dear david so I suggest you examine yourself and humble yourself like a humble bumble bee hmmm lmao

  19. KaKel53 says:

    Well spoken, David! I agree with everything I've heard you say so far. You've nailed it! I am a Christian, or I should say a true follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings, as I don't wish to associate with most Christians today. They've been drinking Kool aide for a very long time, and don't even remember what Jesus taught. They've forgotten who his enemies were…The church of his day! I also agree with everything you've said concerning Muslims, and any group whom has been victimized because of the actions of a few. Even those few, however, have likely been bought, and are controlled, by the Zionist Israelis (if there not truly Zionists themselves). That Christians, under the influence of Trump and John Hagee delusions, could support genocide of any group of people, is mind boggling to me. Fortunately, I'm not alone… There are many Christians like me whom see the truth and are shaking our heads in disbelief over what we're seeing… But we have no voice. The talking heads of Fox News, the Christian right, etc., do not speak for us. Rather, they're speaking against us! Thank you for speaking truth, David… I respect you now more than ever. God be with you, Kathryn.

  20. poor icke thinks islam is a religion of peace.. dear oh dear :/

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