david icke interview 2016 || donald trump truth – illuminati – anonymous – 9/11 & More


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  1. Young Glenda says:

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  2. Silvia Silva says:

    Brazilians for Trump !!

  3. So this guy would rather believe that the mind has magical healing powers than doctor opinions sometimes being wrong. You didn't slow the progression of your arthritis with your positive thinking. He even said they knew little of it at the time.

  4. shill Im on the fence

  5. Anne Asquith says:

    David, love your perception,knowledge and understanding.Blessed that you are here giving inspiration and confidence to my knowing. Xx a

  6. Joe Lloyd says:

    He's in for the money

  7. Gwyn Hopkins says:

    Where you there?????? 9/11

  8. Gwyn Hopkins says:

    Okay. I watched…..but you are full of it don' t you for one minute!!!!!

  9. they make their money inventing bull shit!

  10. Blue Raven says:

    David Icke is a bill SHILL! First red flag is his name. The powers that be love to make penis references. Davi DICK e
    Do not believe a word he says. Although, every good shill adds about 1% truth. Good luck trying to decipher it though. Wild goose chase is about all you'll find. He only spreads the word of "intelligence" or CIA.

  11. Joe Lloyd says:

    Never said there was anything wrong with it

  12. Harris Anne says:

    Back in the day I thought David Ike was a joke..But, then I realized much of what he said all came to fruition. Even British TV channels called him back on to apologize for their horrendous mistakes and getting it WRONG!

  13. Harris Anne says:

    Yep..thoughts become REALITY!

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