Dead Space – Let’s Play – Part 1 – [New Arrivals] – “Welcome To The Ishimura”


“WELCOME TO THE ISHIMURA” Dead Space Let’s Play – Part 1 With Commentary PC Gameplay 1080p 60 FPS Social Media: • Facebook: /DanQ8000 • Twitter: …


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  1. a fan of survival horror genre games

  2. you've got a nice channel here dan. you8 got a new subscriber :)

  3. TSQ says:

    Nice vid Dan!

  4. seed man says:

    Wuw,, very cool Dan,,,

  5. For an old game, this game looks good and plays good too

  6. wow just got the feeling to watch a dead space lets play and bam a newone has started. question what is the upload rate

  7. CYANIDE_III says:

    Hey dan are you possibly gonna re play dead space 2&3 ?

  8. So glad you are playing Dead Space! i love this game so much!!! Epic awesome game!!

  9. Толян, пили блог, хуйло.

  10. Hashtag EV says:

    Dead Space whaaat

  11. Connor Reid says:

    Nearly 8 years, holy shit I still remember when it first came out, damn now I'm starting to feel old.

  12. Hunter Swain says:

    29:58 "You know what's coming." Mid video advertising. I really did not see that one coming.

  13. Sorry! I'm saving! lol.

  14. play dead space 2 or three they are awesome

  15. play assassins creed

  16. This game looks really good even for a 2008 game

  17. Joe Ramsay says:

    At 10:03 Dan screams like a little girl

  18. You miss a box at the beginning Dan xDDD

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