DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law


Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

Informants and military personnel are coming forth anonymously to confirm that martial law “is right around the corner.” However, right now we are under a silent martial law and citizens are reporting strange and unexplainable activity from the US armed forces and multiple federal agencies that point to a covert preparatory operation to completely lock down America in the very near future.

Sources from multiple locations across the nation have independently confirmed that the US military are repositioning soldiers in conjunction with allied foreign troops in the initial stages of martial law.

The US military are secretly moving massive amounts of “equipment” across the country consistently for more than a year. In Phoenix, Arizona, tractor-trailers transporting tanks on public highways have been spotted. One witness stated that he saw these flatbeds multiple times in the month of June. Eye witness reports are coming primarily from the northern and southern Border States.

Peter Santilli, an ex-marine informant who was a specialist in aviation deployed weapons, explains that a refrigerated truck, allocated by the administration department on base, was directed to the commissary, where the unsuspecting driver believed that he was transporting food. The weapon was placed at the head of the trailer, and covered up with either food stores (like cans of soup) or body bags. In the event that the truck is stopped en route, the weapon would be well hidden and go undetected by inspectors on the public highways.

Santilli, who was assigned to ride in the cab of the truck with the driver, says that his orders were to make sure the truck arrived at its destination. If there were problems concerning potential civil unrest, he was to radio into his superiors for aid by either air or ground support. Should the situation warrant serious attention; crowd control methods would be implemented.

One possible scenario was the use of cluster bomb units (CBUs) that will emit upon detonation, a “sleep and kill” chemical weapon that will not disturb infrastructure, but is lethal to all living things within the effected zone. Santilli describes these particular 3 unit CBUs as shaped like water-heaters with a coned top and plunger-like device. Once deployed in the air, a parachute assists these CBUs to the targeted area. And when detonated, a deadly chemical gas will kill every human and animal in the specified cordoned area.

The acquisition of armory by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and contracts for bullet-proof glass for check-point booths to be positioned strategically throughout the nation on public highways have heightened awareness that the US government is preparing for a well-planned domestic military action. DHS armored vehicles have been sighted on highways in Kentucky.

When citizens attempt to capture the activity on film, some have their cameras confiscated; sometimes after a physical altercation.
On Google Maps, where known military bases were once visible, some strategic areas are now blurred out.

John (a pseudonym) was contracted by DHS to “fill in caves, mines and block trails”. Now these measures are being stepped up, as independent contractors are being brought to mountainous regions and told to block all entrances into the mountains, by way of caves and other areas where people could possibly “hide out in the hills” during a riot situation under declaration of martial law.

Forested areas in states like Montana, Missouri and Arkansas are being closed to the public while military activity is being witnessed by locals. Those commercially contracted civilians working in these areas are allocated parallel shifts and compartmentalized projects to provide for an intelligence controlled operation.

One informant relayed an incident where he was detained on a forest road by unidentified “paramilitary” officials that seized his rifle from the rack on the back of his vehicle.

Another source said that while traveling in a national forest park, he and his party were met by what appeared to be a military police officer who demanded that they turn back.

Residents in Pine Mountain, Georgia and Spruce Mountain, Nevada have had confrontations with US armed forces. When travelling in public national forested areas, military police with “automatic weapons” say that locals cannot gather wood in surrounding forested spaces (as they have traditionally done for decades). One man in particular had his rifle forcibly confiscated by unidentified armed men.

On dirt roads leading to the Lassen National Forest reserve, paving is being laid over the gravel roads. The locals know that secret underground drilling or tunneling is being conducted. Whenever they enter the park, they are quickly escorted out by heavily armed and quite menacing persons. Even once abandoned logging roads are beginning to see activity again.

Information coming out of reserve units in Arizona is that they are being put on official alert. Military personnel are being told by superiors not to schedule vacations and prepare to be on-call and on-duty indefinitely. According to one informant, these new assignments are not providing for deployment overseas, but rather for domestic service with the intimation that these deployments may have relation to civil unrest expectations.

In Lake Havasu, Arizona, and Colorado Springs as well as Fort Collins, Colorado, locals are coming forth to report that local fires may have been lit by foreign troops; specifically Russian forces that have been spotted in the area. These Russian troops are believed to be stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Military drills, a.k.a. urban warfare, have been played out in many states by the Pentagon and other branches of the US armed forces.

In Plainville and Worchester, Massachusetts, surprised citizens witnessed last “Wednesday evening. . . military helicopters descended on the vacant Wood School [in] the late hours of the night in a scene that might have appeared to simulate the United States’ special forces attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year.” Many locals had their homes swooped down upon by black helicopters in an obvious display of military dominance over the general public.

Residents saw helicopters landing near Worcester Memorial Auditorium in Lincoln Square. Local newspapers were flooded with “telephone calls and e-mails . . . curious about what was happening.”
The local police claim they were unaware of the drills.

A US Army spokeswoman made a half-hearted apology for “any inconvenience or unforeseen disturbance.”

In Hollywood, Florida, DHS and the Hollywood Police Department have taken part in Master Rappelling training exercises (MPTE) with Blackhawk helicopters scheduled over various government-owned buildings. Details concerning the drills are being kept from the public for “security reasons”.

MPTE are special operations to teach law enforcement and military techniques in tactical rope and rappelling skills that can be used in helicopter deployment and advanced tactical training.

Just this month, foreign troops were caught at a Wal-Mart . They were travelling in what were described as “large government vans”.

Law-enforcement battalions have been created out of Camp Pendleton, California, consisting of specialized military police (SMPs) that would be deployed to assist in any event of civil disturbance, handling of detainees, use biometrics to identify suspects and conduct forensic work. Their assistance is not limited to conducting DUIs and writing speeding tickets in an effort to re-brand the Marine Corps as being more involved with average work now allocated to local law enforcement.

Moving around in white, unmarked vans, strange troops have been seen purchasing food and water at another Wal-Mart in Franklin, Indiana. Parading in military personnel fatigues where drone activity has been reported in Oklahoma City and black helicopters were spotted hovering over a construction site.

According to documents from the RAND Corporation, a planned event concerning a Police Stabilization Force within the US will be “a mix of military and police forces to deal with a range of threats.” The study explains:

• What the response should be
• The creation of a high-end police force
• Costs for this military/police collaborative force

Estimates are $637.3 million annually and including many federal agencies including: the US Marshals Service, the US Secret Service, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in the Department of State, and the US Army’s Military Police.

There is a media blackout concerning the “state of emergency” (code for martial law) that Anaheim, California residents have been under since the murder of a man by local police.

While protests have been conducted, residents say that “outsiders” are infiltrating peaceful demonstrations to stir up violence and ensure local and military police action against them.

While city officials are gearing up for “another large incident” and “another riot” protesters are coming forth to voice their distain at the “infiltrators” that attended a protest that ended with the fatal shooting of two Latino men.

During protest marches in Anaheim, the white, unmarked vans have resurfaced. This time unidentified “police” detained protesters and placed them into these vans.

Disclose.tvIs Anaheim Under Martial Law ?

The increased activity across the nation in conjunction with the mounting citizen reports of seeing military on their streets, conducting urban warfare drills, and spotting foreign troops have prompted public interest in the US government’s plans to enact a full-scale martial law in America – expected by the end of this year.

The more attention that is brought to these sightings and the more people come forward with information, the safer the American public will be. The US military have orders to shoot and kill all dissenters. They are being trained to confiscate guns and detain people in “internment” or FEMA camps. For the sake of continuity of government, they are being told to turn on their own fellow Americans.

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34 Responses

  1. Slimy says:

    We are going to wish the US was under martial law now!

  2. Joseph Bodoink says:

    you are nuts.

  3. BoBoFed says:

    Gary, I hope your right…and if your not?

  4. They are making their own eternal beds, and it will not be with a mattress of feathers.

  5. They are making their own eternal beds, and it will not be with a mattress of feathers.

  6. They are making their own eternal beds, and it will not be with a mattress of feathers.

  7. They are making their own eternal beds, and it will not be with a mattress of feathers.

  8. The Government has gone insane.

  9. The Government has gone insane.

  10. The Government has gone insane.

  11. The Government has gone insane.

  12. Spooky Mulder says:

    I’ve been wondering for quite some time what event would trigger martial law in America. I thought it might be another major bank failure or a major false flag attack (see Operation Blackjack), but I’m convinced now that our government and military are preparing for a major geophysical event that may be just days away. There is a celestial object that is very close to our planet. It is moving very fast and will pass very close to us starting tomorrow – August 17th, 2012. There are many pics and videos of this anomaly that people are referring to as Nibiru or Planet X. Whatever you want to call it, the evidence that this thing is real and on its way FAST is nearly indisputable. If you live in the southern hemisphere, it is becoming more and more obvious that this object is getting closer, and therefore is not one of our already identified planets.

    We are at the precipice of unimaginable disaster.

    Imagine 9.0 earthquakes happening in multiple areas of the globe, AT THE SAME TIME! You don’t see these troop movements and preparations going on in coastal cities, because they already know the subsequent tsunamis will completely destroy them. Why do you think nuclear reactors are being shut down throughout the U.S. (six at last count) for “unscheduled repairs?” Why are there trains that are miles long, moving heavy military equipment toward central US? Why the increased preparations for gun confiscation and govt entities buying up hollow point rounds? What about the pallets of coffins and orders for non-perishable food through FEMA? They know what’s coming, and they’ve been preparing for decades, but things have ramped up considerably over the past couple of years in anticipation for this upcoming disaster.

    Remember that trading anomaly on August 1st, when certain stocks (140) were trading at highly unusual levels for the first couple of hours? It was dismissed as a mistake or “technology issue” and Knight Capital dutifully took the fall. What the MSM didn’t report was the astronomically high put and call options for those stocks, which is eerily reminiscent to what happened before 911 – foreknowledge of a significant event and betting on the stocks that will be most affected.

    Some of the largest increases in the trading percentages were obvious like: GOV US EQUITY (Govt. Properties Income Trust), PL US EQUITY (Protective Life Corp), MTZ – (Mastec – infrastructure services), DD – (DuPont), GG – (GoldCorp), but others didn’t make full sense to me until I looked at a picture of the Navy Map of the Future US.

    If you look at the map, the entire West Coast of America is nearly submerged, with water reaching as far inland as Colorado (more on that in a moment). The New Madrid Seismic Zone has also split the country apart, with several states inundated with water (presumably from both the Great Lakes and Gulf of Mexico). Most of the state of Michigan is submerged, and there’s not much of Louisiana that will be habitable.

    Now, look at some of these stocks that experienced a tremendous percentage increase in put options:

    West Coast Corporate HQ – (Starbucks & Nordstrom – WA / Herbalife, Dole Food, Nokia & Wells Fargo – CA)

    Midwest HQ – (Pier 1 Imports – TX, Harley Davidson – WI, General Motors & Ford – MI)

    There are people out there who are going to profit, greatly, from the huge losses these and other companies will suffer during this disaster, just like the people who profited from hijacked planes and falling buildings nearly 11 years ago. This event will be unbelievably worse and be the catalyst for a global economic collapse and martial law in the U.S.

    If you are still doubting this possibility, I will refer you to an article I read today about the U.S. Military taking over a small Colorado border town called Cokedale. The population is 132, with about 50 houses, but they are turning the entire town into a military staging area. You can read about all of the equipment and personnel that they have brought to this small town, but take particular notice of the fact that they are installing culverts and positioning inlet boxes to improve street drainage! They are fortifying this small town in anticipation of a natural disaster, not a terrorist attack or foreign troop invasion! Now, look back at the Navy map again and notice that in their projection, the part of Colorado where Cokedale is located is presumably safe from the inland flooding. Otherwise, why set up there?

    We will know very soon if this is really going to happen, but the question you should ask yourself is: If the government and military are preparing this much for something, then it must not only be justified but also imminent. Now ask yourself why you are not preparing as well.

    Take care and prepare.

  13. Gary says:

    You idiots and your conpiracy theories grow up the millitary is aleays moving massive amounts of equipment do you know what the service rate is for tanks they are constanly rebuilding them because the desert is very hard on tanks and the failure rate high in the desert to the idiot who wrote this and the one who published it you are stupid and need to remove your self from the gene pool

  14. Dan Gilfry says:

    Pres. Bark Bark O’Kenya and his Jewish puppetmasters are assuming their slave armies will actually kill innocent, unarmed Americans.
    What if these soldiers do a 180 and open fire on O’Kenya and the Jewish Fascists? Fucking cool!
    I’m ready to burn Jews at the stake. Are you?

  15. jake says:

    They did exactly what they have been taught. No arrests were made, they detained the individuals that were provoking violence. they maintained a physical presence and like it was reported everything remained peaceful! I saw nothing wrong with this except for babies whining because they think they are allowed to do whatever they want when they want! they will be the first ones who run to the police when they need help! This conspiracy theory crap is what make normal conservatives look bad! YOU PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC!

  16. SarahDP says:

    The only way the government would ever really succeed in imposing martial law is to use foreign troops. At some point American troops are going to refuse to use weapons against American citizens who are resisting peacefully, WHEN and not if that happens the foreigners will step in.

  17. Joe Dee says:

    Sorry, folks, I seem to be speechless and numb from reading this.

  18. Joe Dee says:

    Sorry, folks, I seem to be speechless and numb from reading this.

  19. Joe Dee says:

    Sorry, folks, I seem to be speechless and numb from reading this.

  20. Joe Dee says:

    Sorry, folks, I seem to be speechless and numb from reading this.

  21. Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes says:

    Obama Has an Agenda! From my observations of his record, it is sinister and if continued will succeed in destroying our nation! We cannot afford this! If you view his series of Executive Orders listed below and add to that the financial mess and confusion he has created, it is not far from complete! If he sees that he will lose the election, all he has to do to enact his plan is to create a “phony emergency” maybe another “oil spill” or “terrorist attack” or whatever and he can begin enacting his plan and void the elections. In a “state of emergency” congress (by Obama’s Executive Order) cannot intervene nor interfere for six months.
    3 Important pending United Nations Actions are key! “AGENDA 21” – If we agree to the United Nations “AGENDA 21” all of the land of the United States will be put under the direction of the U.N. There is already a plan mapped out by the U.N. to designate the majority of our land as a “biodiversity” area. This will mean relocation of most U. S. Citizens into FEMA camps which are already ready! “SMALL ARMS TREATY” – The U.N. has a “Small Arms Treaty” being feverishly pushed right now which is matched by a Congressional proposal which would take all privately owned guns and completely disarm us all in direct violation of our Constitution which gives us the Right to Bear Arms. “LOST” – The U.N. is also agressively pushing to pass the “LOST” treaty, which Reagan refused to sign which will give the United Nations control of our waterways.Although all three of these are currently tabled, they are lurking in the wings!
    With these actions, all of our homes, land and entire way of life will be gone!
    OBAMACARE is much more than it appears to be! I just watched a video – “666 Micro Chip Implant – Coming March 2, 2013!” produced by http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com and posted on YouTube. In this video he points out that HR3200, “OBAMACARE”, Section 2521, Page 1001, Paragraph 1, requires that an “RFID Micro Chip Device” be implanted in the hand of every U. S. Citizen. This is further described at http://ppsimmons.blogspot.ca/2012/07/marl-of-beast-watch-obamacare-to-track.html & again at http://WWW.PATRIOTACTIONNETWORK.COM/FORUM/TOPICS/ANOTHER-HIDDEN-SECRET – BECAUSE OF THE WARNING CONTAINED IN THE BIBLE, REVELATIONS 13:16 THRU 18 AND REVELATIONS 14:11, NO CHRISTIAN CAN OR WILL ALLOW THIS. THE MAJORITY OF WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE CHRISTIAN SO HE WILL DO AWAY WITH MOST OF OUR POPULATION. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT OBAMA IS MUSLIM… THIS WILL ALLOW THE MUSLIMS TO TAKE OVER AND ESTABLISH A CALIPHATE. NOTE: MANY FEMA CAMPS ARE READY WITH MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF COFFINS – I PRAY GOD’S INTERVENTION!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!
    • FINAL NOTE –
    THIS EXECUTIVE ORDER JUST SIGNED JULY 6, 2012 ASSIGNMENT OF NATIONAL SECURITY AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMUNICATIONS FUNCTIONS – gives the Secretary of Homeland Security charge of re-establishing and prioritizing communications to ensure the continuation of the federal government to include the handling of communications during a national security event or natural disaster. In addition to further empowering DHS’ role in the federal government, the order also establishes several new communities and outlines the roles of various major executive branch agencies and offices, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Department of State, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, DHS, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, General Services Administration and the Federal Communications Commission. Read more:http://times247.com/articles/executive-order-grants-homeland-securi

  22. Ed Frye says:

    Where is this great militia everybody is talking about? Seems to me these autrosities will only keep getting worse until an army of patriots step up and do something to these communists.

  23. Ed Frye says:

    Where is this great militia everybody is talking about? Seems to me these autrosities will only keep getting worse until an army of patriots step up and do something to these communists.

  24. Ed Frye says:

    Where is this great militia everybody is talking about? Seems to me these autrosities will only keep getting worse until an army of patriots step up and do something to these communists.

  25. Ed Frye says:

    Where is this great militia everybody is talking about? Seems to me these autrosities will only keep getting worse until an army of patriots step up and do something to these communists.

  26. mohsen samii says:


  27. Stan Sikorski says:

    It won’t be an easy battle for either side but gubment forces will realize rather quickly that their NWO plans will remain the stuff of dreams. As long as there are men who consider themselves free and don’t fear fighting for it, then the NWO will always be in jeopardy.

  28. Archie1954 says:

    The US government would never, I repeat, never use foreign troops to impose martial law in America. I believe they could and under certain circumstances would impose martial law but only with US troops.

    • Chaos says:

      Archie …Are you completely asleep or just really Naive? The US Government already has a Foreigner Commander in Chief. Barry Sorento is an Indonesian Citizen born in Kenya. When you fool the country with the help of the Zionist Media, you can do anything. Foreign NATO soldiers are already training here, so it’s not a major step after that. The Israeli Lobby ( A Foreign body) through AIPAC has a stranglehold on our Corrupt Federal Lawmakers whether through Bribery or Extortion/Blackmail. So WAKE THE FUCK UP…pull your head out of your ass!

  29. Giovanni Ioannoni ( alias ) JURM Ben ISman. says:

    L’INIZIO E LA FINE. In nome del Padre, in nome della Madre quale Principio Generatore Femminile Madre di Dio e in nome del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo. Prima o poi faremo ritorno, dalla fine al ri-inizio del nostro mondo. Dalla potenza di Dio siamo custoditi mediante la Fede, per la nostra salvezza negli ultimi tempi. Non dimenticare il passato, potrà servire come bagaglio. .

    Io,il Signore, sono il tuo Dio, non avrai altri dèi oltre me.( Es 20,3 ) E’ come essere, lo stato di pura innocenza. Dio mio Santo Cielo, noi Umani siamo solo in visita.

    Il buio, non la spunterà, la Luce del Signore dell’Iddio Uno prevarrà sul male, il demiurgo, ambisce a voler passare per il Signore l’Iddio Uno Universo. Gesù derise i discepoli che pregavano l’entità che loro credevano essere il vero Dio, ma che era in vero il malvagio, demiurgo satana. Tendono, aspirano, a voler apparire ai nostri occhi umani, ad assurgere a Dio stesso, cosa impossibile sacrilega agli occhi del Signore e della Umanità riconosciuti suoi Figli di Dio.

    Siamo ostaggio del sistema ingabbiante? I Figli di Dio, sono i Tabernacoli del Signore posti in noi.
    “ DAL CIELO ALLA TERRA E DALLA TERRA AL NOSTRO RITORNO ALLA GERUSALEMME CELESTE NEI CIELI. “ SIAMO, ALLA NUOVA EXSODUS INTERPLANETARIA, DELLA JERUSALEMME CELESTE NEI CIELI. Bisognerà tornare dalla fine del mondo all’inizio del mondo per capire il mondo. Ci sono diversità di Religiosità e Spiritualità, ma uno solo è Dio che opera tutto in tutti. (1) Padre, (2) Madre, (3) Figlio, (4) Spirito Santo.

    E’ come trovarsi, dentro nuove frontiere di Luce del Pensiero Vivente, in Gesù Cristo Re,
    tale Risveglio è già avvenuto, dipendente nella propria appartenenza nell’Essere i caduti dal Cielo alla Terra, che ci porterà alla SALVAZIONE E ALLA NOSTRA RI – CONFERMA al Nostro Amato SALVATORE, L’IDDIO – UNO L’UNICO, JESUS CRISTUS.

    Tutto Giungerà dal Cielo e Tornerà al Cielo, posto nel “ SANTISSIMO GESU’ CRISTO RE.
    Rendiamoci appunto conto, che siamo sulla soglia della guerra mondiale inevitabile, apparecchiata alla bisogna dai malevoli del mondo, non resta che consumare la pietanza ?
    Come Cristiano, devo deliberatamente diventare operatore di Gesù Cristo in me.
    A ciascuno è data la manifestazione particolare dello Spirito Santo per l’utilità di tutti.
    Se non si fa così, non si è Vero Santo di Dio, nostro Signore Gesù Cristo.

    E’ come essere stato Crocifisso con Nostro Signore, e non essere più io che vivo in me, ma è Cristo Re che vive in me. Questo è il tempo del nuovo avvento, chi ignora l’ultima rivelazione voluta per la salvezza dell’umanità, suoi Figli del Signore, è al giudizio di Dio, al giudizio di Dio è. Cari Fratelli, non per contraddire chi la pensasse diversamente, ma semplicemente per puntualizzare: Sono i segni dei tempi che rimarco e porto ha conoscenza e ritrasmetto, per renderne viva testimonianza di Risveglio verso l’umanità martoriata e portarla alla Cosciente Consapevolezza di Risveglio.

    Rimarco porto a conoscenza e ritrasmetto, per renderne viva testimonianza di risveglio verso la umanità martoriata inconsapevole di esserlo, e questo verso il mio Amato prossimo, per renderlo cosciente – consapevole della gravità del Tempo dei nostri Tempi, che corriamo e che inevitabilmente andiamo sparati INCONTRO”. IL risveglio Totale, risiede, nella presa Religiosa Spirituale Consapevole, in JESUS CRISTUS CHE FA LA DIFFERENZA nell’Amore profondo verso i Figli di DIO, vi giunga la mia Benedizione, Dio lo voglia, SIA FATTA SEMPRE, LA VOLONTA’ DI DIO NOSTRO SIGNORE GESU’ CRISTO.

    Siamo alla fine dei Tempi Conosciuti, il Tempo è Finito, siamo alla Fine del Mondo e non solo in senso simbolico, ma anche in senso reale di nostra vita sulla Superficie della Terra della Santissima nostra Umanità, per come da noi Conosciuta. Inizino i canti e i balli di liberazione per l’Umanità Terrestre, Amate Sorelle e Amati Fratelli, si torna a Casa, Casa Casa Casa. Siate lieti. Inizino i canti e i balli di liberazione per l’Umanità Terrestre, Amate Sorelle e Amati Fratelli, si torna a Casa. In Fede, Giovanni Ioannoni ( alias ) JURM Ben ISman.

  30. Dan Gilfry says:

    The Axis of Evil, aka the Jewish Coalition Forces, have all but admitted they will soon be attacking Syria and Iran. Even though human beings have been duped into fighting the Jews wars for them before, I think at least SOME are going to refuse this time. Quite a few human beings are wise to the ways of Satan’s Jews now, and the Jews are afraid they will lose all they have stolen from us.
    Let us give them a good reason to be afraid! Let us start burning them at the stake again, like back in the good, old days!

  31. Nothing is going to change they are going all the way lucifer is there leader along with many different types of minions of evil pray people the hour glass is emptying fast

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