Did Bugzy Malone Fake His Own Investigation To Promote his EP?


Bugzy just revealed his new EP’s name: Facing Time. Very Ironically identical to the phrases used in the article that surfaced last week revealing he was potentiolly under arrest or investigation for a number of crimes. It also featured the Ep’s cover photo. Is this a clever turn around and cover up of a situation or is Bugzy responsible for the website article. As always we analyse the facts and look at what this could mean.

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  1. Section 8(1), the final chapter.. Look at the end, he's clearly on holiday.

  2. This could be true but maybe he took a holiday without Internet? I know that if I'm that famous I would need at least a few days without all of that shit xD

  3. hhf jazmiejn says:

    I think it's real but if he did fake it then he did it really well, especially since it's working for his image

  4. RinzleR One says:

    he has a Snapchat where he's on holiday lol

  5. im not trying to shed hate on u I just thought that in the ep he was talking about 1 his rise up and then how now he is facing time with the fame lol I didnt think that he would try to fake going to jail but im dumb so…

  6. Ben Voorhees says:

    love buzy Malone 100 percent not a lied

  7. FIFAGAMER 10 says:

    If you watch bugzy Malone moving music video he includes a snapchat of him on holiday

  8. Shemar Febis says:

    Mate i can leave my phone for 2 weeks

  9. Pudi Monster says:

    bro give YouTube up

  10. jay pollock says:

    ? 0161 manny on the "flippin map"

  11. If it was PR was absolute genius because as well as the hype it already this videos and the others like it calling it a stunt are all adding to the hype and helping him sell more music so he wins all round. I feel like times have changes and we are in the "each to his own" era, so as long as what you do isn't hurting anyone one else then do you. Personally I don't buy music based on this type of hype but I bought his EP because its is pretty damn good 🙂 and the fire in the booth shows how talented this guy really is and why I'd call him a Lyricist as opposed to an MC

  12. At his guy has something against bugzy

  13. You What says:

    Looool you're so funny ???? love your videos man "bugzy stole my last rolo" cmon man ???

  14. Joes Vlogs says:

    good vid don't know

  15. He doesn't have to tell his personal info to people ???

  16. He went on Holiday n peopoe made fake articles he was going jail…

  17. holiday is slang for prison. hear it now and then

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