Did Turkey Just Start World War 3? 11/24/15 Full Show


On this Tuesday, November 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we explain what the media’s not telling you about the Russian fighter jet shot down by Turkey as …


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  1. damirzanne says:

    these Russian planes were caught by surprise, they didn't expect this, and they were most likely ordered not to shoot US or Turkish planes…well, I can guarantee you now, after this, that changed, Russian fighter jets now have a green light to shoot at whatever , or whoever attacks them…so I would suggest Turkish and US military to be very careful what they are doing…very careful… just a little advice, keep your kids as far from the uniform as you can…

  2. No Turkey didn't start it, it was and still is our own government.  Wake up.

  3. You are the best news reporter, even the Indian news channels are sold out. Keep up the good work.

  4. evil plan by the american and European allies..
    citizen of their respective country should act now.
    the people are the constitution, we have the right to protest govt act if this will effect us….. revolt .

  5. steve sran says:


  6. I am from Turkey, however i worked out of country 17 years, seen almost all over the world and made many friends from different nationality. I know how your feelings could be manipulated by media very well because during this 17 years being mostly in US i have been asked many silly questions about my country. They even ask me "if we have kethup in Turkey". For those of you dont even know where Turkey, Russia and Syria on the map should stop internet warrior acts and better pass by without making comments. Because you have no idea what is going on. It is American Dream since 150 years to build Kurdish country there which will take a part of land from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Those terorists being supported by first Eermenia and Russia, later on supported by France Especially when Miterand was predident, Holland, Belgium, Germany ( till they feel the heat in Germany, after that they stopped), after and during Gulf war supported by USA, Now being supported by Russia and USA. There is still training camps of Anti Turkish terorists in Greece. gulf warThats why Turkey fighting with PKK kurdish teroristsinde 33 years, over 30.000 Turkish died by terorist attacks. No one said anything other than short underline TV message. There was over 100 French people killed by terorist attack in Paris everyone become French. There was hundereds being killed in middle eastern countries, none of you place those countries flags on your profile before. USA trying to create a country in there, they been planning this since many years ago, They want to create a ling between mediterrenian and Hazar sea. Main reason is Oil and Natural Gas reserves. Russia as well dreaming about to be part of Mediterranean sea, therefore they attack Turkey (ottoman Empire) many times before. Now after many years finally got a navy base in Syria, as well as airforce, they dont want to loose it, They could not explain to world why they attack Ukraine and invade part if Kyrim, result of that they faced with lot of economic sanctions. This time they had a reason to increase their forces in Syria, they had to make it look like they need to do that in order to protect themself. Perfect Scenario Played, Russian jets navigation system was uploded wrong maping and GPS coordinates, they manipulate the pilots redio freequences so they could not hear warning made by Turkish Pilot. When this plan was made Russias one of the strongest antiaircraft navy ship was already moving down to Mediterrenean Sea by passing Turkish Seas.Last year Turkish Jet shot down by Syrian missiles ( some says it was Russian) and Turkish jet was drown in to 1500meter deep sea. Turkey announced new angagement rules and warn other countries that " from that moment on they will fire any warplane gets in to Turkey's airspace. They warn the Russian Pilots at least 10 times before they get in to Turkish airspace, this was confirmed by Dutch pilot and American Pilots , however Russian Pilot did not answered because most likely they did not heard the warnings, they were not aware they were getting in to Turkish airspace. If you look at the results what happened>>> 1- One of the strongest Russian Antiaircreaft navy ship moved down to Syrian coast and many more other Navy ship been send down there, 2- Russians located S400 missiles with a range of 400km 3- Now they are capable of shhoting any war plane flying in that area within the range of 400km. If you believe Russia is innocent in this, you are all wrong, they planned it, USA was forcing Turkey to support Anti Esad forces against Esad regym. However no one was expecting this would get out of hand, thousands of mercenaries came there to fight just for money. There are thousands of terorists from different countries and different religions there. Please without living in this area, knowing what the peoples are suffering dont make stupid comments on internet, go back to your playstation…..

  7. Jim Bristow says:

    For defending their borders, which includes their air space?

  8. Jim Bristow says:

    Dude, You obviously have too much free time, too much cash to finance this "shtuff" and too few functional brain cells/IQ points (or too many rich and similarly mentally deficient associates). On the bright side, Hey-at least you had a good run, and on the other side, Relax and enjoy your golden years, have you seen those funny screaming & fainting goat videos? It'll all be over soon. For you, anyway.

  9. evr Evo says:

    Why the hell is he shouting so loud? :))) what the?

  10. evr Evo says:

    He absolutely sounds like jirinovski :))) he drank that iodine shit overdose that it spoiled his mind

  11. to je čůrááák . prostě penis 😀 😀 :D

  12. Ilyas Civci says:

    He is lying, russian pilots locked their missiles on turkish planes before and they are not responding to warnings and such, own fault putin! And stop treathning turkey we are not afraid of your ass

  13. Turkey has always been a loose cannon, going back to WW1. They are still the "Sick Man of Europe" now they are the "Mental Midget Sick Man of Europe"

  14. LOOOL Turkey Are Too Pussy To Start Any War, I Mean Come On This Is Turkey We Are Talking About They Couldn't Even Start A Lawnmower Let A Lone A War And Also The Cold War Was Not WWIII America And Russia Were To Frightened To Do Anything It Was Just 1 Big Bluff That Flopped! Stop Chucking Around STUPID Videos Like This If You've Got Nothing Serious To Talk About Then Don't Talk At All You Clown

  15. Sun Boy says:

    The answer is NO you Alex Jones freaks.

  16. this guy's gonna have a heart attack on air one day…smart guy,what a shame.

  17. Turkey just became Chicken!

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