Do High Priestess Beyonce’s Twins have an Illuminati Significance?


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  1. Desiree says:

    just learned that george clooneys wife is pregnant with twins. and madonna just adopted twin girls from africa… coincidence??

  2. passion4posh says:

    Why don't you post about that piece of shit in the White House and his ties to the Illuminati?

  3. Sissy Beach says:

    I find it very strange that now Madonna is adopting twins named Esther and Stella. Both names meaning star.

  4. TheSandrews7 says:

    Madonna officially adopted two twin girls from Malawi yesterday….


  6. This lady is NOT Dam High Priest! .she just having some babies like some women do.Its not a big deal! RELAX!

  7. I love the way she explored herself I don't wish her well or her baster babies my the hands of hell grave them all

  8. you gotta pay to be apart of that shit

  9. kyle ice says:

    I wonder who she sacrifice this time to get a baby she had 3 misscarge as an sacrifice for the illuminati I here she sacrifice Whitney Houston so she could get blue ivy. I belive she sacrifice Bobbi Christina Brown too.

  10. Suley Jah says:

    was waiting for u to talk about the logo behind trump when he signs his executive order.Greenish up side down star u know what im talkin.Make a ved bout thud trump zionist satanic bull.

  11. Ivoy Luo says:

    most celebrities are transgender maybe even all of them are tranny

  12. Ivoy Luo says:

    Beyonce is not a woman it's a tranny if u pocketofthefuture don't start telling the whole truth u will go to hell to


  14. DeeDee Love says:

    She looks so white in that picture……?????


  16. i think she not pregnate at all .she is demonic posses by a demon all lies…

  17. Cynthia Rice says:

    Beyonce and JayZ are naming them after Bible characters, #HoOfBabylon & #ThaBeast.

  18. They are going to be like Will & Jada kids.

  19. Donna Taylor says:

    Am I the only person who canny stand Beyoncé her music is vile what she wears is just hideous!!!!
    She actually does my decking nut right in as soon as I saw she was pregnant with twins other day my first thought was illuminati stunt

  20. kathy cavitt says:

    Her and her mother looks wicked, they are evil!!!!! Stop feeding on them !!!!!

  21. Doris~ says:

    Pregnant clone? Watch out for twin # 2 who they will claim died but their plan is to separate these two clone babies at birth.

  22. She a narcissist. Nobody in their right mind believes these images are real. It's an illusion! Mastery of trickery and evil. She thinks the world is dumb.
    She is photoshopping in front of our eyes and her sheep refuse to see TRUTH. Mindless sheep. She is laughing at her so called beehive.

  23. They have to pay the price to the devil and those poor kids will grow up being offered for use. Just need to look at how they dress them and where they take them for show and tell. They are evil and one only needs eyes to see and ears to hear.

  24. Ge Torrente says:

    trying to get positive reactions after the stunt her husband tried to stab Prince in the back with his tidal?

  25. same story with Victoria Beckham! she was never pregnant!

  26. Nikki Beacth says:

    Beyoncé is 43 years old. Plenty of evidence shows. Those are In Vitro babies if even real.

  27. Mary Jane says:

    I don't think she is really pregnant.  Just a few weeks ago she performed with "no" baby bump so it's highly unlikely that she would have a pregnancy showing.  She is a distraction and is very "degrading" to "black" women though most of them don't seem to see it.  Why put your focus on your ass!  She and  "Icky" Minaj are just the worst and it's so sad that little girls want to be like them – but this society is really strange now!

  28. Kainosielu says:

    They are satanists for sure. Her mother even looks evil. She didn't have a choice. She was born into an evil family.. God bless and save them all who are truly innocent…

  29. I believe it has everything to do with the illuminati and I mean everything.

  30. @PaulRomano: hello Paul, as long as "we" have no concrete piece of evidence, those stay speculations, you are right. The same with flat earth and transvestigation. There are studies about twins. A normal phenomenom. This has nothing to do with evil. The lovely nature produces such things. But scientists are able to manipulate the pregnancy process. I cannot stop to speculate. I want to continue

  31. BJS41384 Na says:

    I really wish she d keep her clothes on
    I also think she waited until her surrogate was this far along to do this fake photo shopped pregnancy to minimize the time people have to see BeYAWNce 'pregnant' and that her surrogate is pregnant via IVF of her and jazz egg/sperm. This woman isn't about to use her body /aka give up her body for no banies

  32. Didn't you used to make chicken videos? I swear I used to watch your chicken videos like agesss ago when I was like 11.

  33. No way she's pregnant >>>> Lying #MSM

  34. what a weird coincidence that she is the manager of twin singers… ?

  35. It's a distraction of some kind. Just haven't figured out for what yet.

  36. Cinthia 9 says:

    I wasn't surprised to hear that this witch would be pregnant with twins.

  37. Carlo Zakers says:

    the pictures all look photo-shopped to me …

  38. Im so tired of Beyoncé and her over exposing persona. She needs the attention and then she's constantly posting and dropping those so called suprise bombs. Its all over the news . Beyoncé being pregnant = like child abuse. Playing 'mum' while constantly on the road surrounded by nanny's. Is a typical way of celebrity parenting. brainwashing your child into celebland. = the message

  39. Beyoncé is an evil witch who thinks she is goddesses. Here videos are full of voodoo, illuminati, freemasonry, and satanic symbology.

  40. godstomper says:

    i wouldn't be surprised. You got
    Sodom and Gomorrah

  41. shaulanaw says:

    There's something off with her complexion…?

  42. Lori Rogers says:

    Is this another fake pregnancy?… There is speculation and some very strange pictures out there of when Beyoncé was supposedly pregnant and her belly folded LOL I have been pregnant three times and I can say my belly has never collapsed the way her stomach did when she sat down… See Wendy Williams..Beyoncé pregnancy controversy… She spoke out about Beyoncé's fake pregnancy!

  43. she is going to win her fans back by being super mom……and she sucks

  44. 2017 says:

    Roger Federer has two times Twins…

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