Documentary BBC Documentary Illuminati & The Music Industry 2014 PART 1 and 2 YouTube


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  1. Qweencole1 says:

    I couldn't watch Beyonce on the run tour on HBO lot of evil imagery.

  2. Really? same thirty minutes over and over. Your an ass.

  3. Honeybags says:

    As if the BBC would make a documentary about this shite. Muppet

  4. GoTeamCook says:

    Thank you. God bless and protect you and yours.

  5. By naming this with "BBC" and your 'documentary' having nothing to do with BBC, you  get no credibility whatsoever. Not going to watch this.

  6. Great video and soooooo true

  7. The title means nothing great info

  8. Pete Watts says:

    BBC? I dont think so.

  9. luke porcaro says:

    I really believe this Beyoncé is evil evil evil

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