Doggy Doubles: Cloned canines to assist Russian police in Siberia


Stronger, more muscular… and cloned – Russia has received its first lab-produced police dogs from South Korea. The canines were created from the cells of a …


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  1. Jaded Sofa says:

    why on Earth are they cloned?

  2. alpfaable says:

    This show's they can easily clone people, Make clones on earth, Fly the real fuckers to the safer planet. I look at cloning and it disgusts the shit outa me.

  3. The kind of forward thinking that the Disunited States would take years of pointless arguing to enact.

  4. laboratory cloning is much better than god's nature, look how cute they are and the music is so fun…i am so supportive of the control freaks that 'cough' ..protect me. rt is msm scum

  5. Erra says:

    don't try to play god little human beings. you cant even handle nature.

  6. TRUTH FED says:

    playing God will get you to hell, this is demonic ideas from pits of hell so demons can ultimately possess bodies

  7. Junyi Huang says:

    now execute order 66

  8. MegF says:

    Beautiful dogs.

  9. Will Budic says:

    They have posture and body like my Jack. Australian Cattle Dog (NSW). Here he is as an puppy. –>

  10. Adolf Hitler says:

    Wow now the white race may live thru coloning….dam jews have the white race cornered

  11. Greg Smith says:

    the 99 batch always ends up as bumpie status

  12. Tancred says:

    this dog better shit rainbows if it's worth cloning and not breeding…

  13. That isn't exactly a good thing. A lack of genetic variety could leave them wide open to disease or biological warfare. Probably best to only have a few, not supply the whole force with them.

  14. Why not just selective breeding to get a sniffer dog? Why do they have to get clones? Its just wrong man. This is against nature.

  15. Peter Panino says:

    Why does RT always cut off video background music at the end? Is RT staff already drunken from Christmas parties?
    This is a very poor video!

  16. Hokus Pokus says:

    I wonder how many celebrities have been cloned?

    It's a new world…

  17. Gideonz Way says:

    They look just like my dog. She is unique. Did any of your clones escape prior to 96 She must had been a pup in 99,2000 or 2001. I've never seen another dog like her. Understand every word, way to smart.

  18. eXtremeDR says:

    Second stage of unified mass-production of life™.

  19. attack of the clones, its only a matter of time before we see a clone army emerge. I wouldn't be surprised if one already exists in secret just waiting to be activated.

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