Donald Trump – Controlled by the Illuminati? New World Order MUST WATCH


Donald Trump – Controlled by the Illuminati? New World Order MUST WATCH (Zionists, Bankers)


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  1. Black Ice says:

    For those of you souls… that are mad because Trump won, and Hillary Lost. Hear ye this! Satan loves weak people… so therefore, anyone who worships him are obviously mad, at the fact Hillary lost…. YOU are ones going to the bottomless pit with her… so be warned and be vigilant what your thinking saying and doing… Darkness is coming. Make dang sure your on the right side of the Mountains!

  2. Black Ice says:

    Trump! don't waste time with the back stabbing media, or explain your self to no one! just do good! Fuck the Media, they are overpaid snakes and worms!! just do you!!

  3. Black Ice says:

    All Carnal weapons will FAIL>> don't be dismayed, just get your house in order

  4. USA USA USA trump trump trump he won yaaaaaaaa fuck hillary that lieing bitch that bitch likes the the devil we the people own this country not them

  5. Mini mamo says:


  6. You are a disinformation agent…easily seen….Trump is the little horn…you are trying to steer the ship of blindness…you are disgusting…

  7. Kris Roberts says:

    That thumbnail is doctored to death,why are people so desperate to slander trump he is the best your going to get!

  8. Elle Rev says:

    Trump is not part of it

  9. richo8181 says:

    catholics u crack me up im australian brought up catholic dont even believe in a god anymore lmao ———– catholics are how christianity came to be and yes its corrupt these days im not gonna deny that but wow ——— what christian are you?????????? does the catholic part hurt ur feelings because it way bigger then urs there is no god when u die ur body rots or burnt in cremation but there is good and evil in the world you truly are a special person

  10. shane murphy says:

    the elite and establishment hate Trump and are worried cause he will undo and delay their agenda. He's not controlled or beholden to any elites or illuminati

  11. Tre Toco says:

    Trump is best friends with Israel like they all are!!

  12. Tre Toco says:

    my research points to the Jewish zionists that run this glove, not saying Jesuits or other groups are not involved too, but their has to be a head of the snake and to be it points to one group.

  13. MrAkaalis says:

    So basically The Jesuits are the equivalents of Islamic-extremists, ain't nothing new here…

  14. yes i do know Him , i do Love Him, and he is my Lord. maybe you should open your bible before its too late.

  15. Joel Ramirez says:

    they say obama is anti christ,,and now they also say trump is part of illuminati??? and whose next?

  16. Caroline Kuo says:

    reply to john oreardon. you r in control more is you control the money and the guns. pope controls those how close their eyes n believe

  17. Straight8S says:

    wow! a very informative video.

  18. Cocaine Importers of America

  19. Anonymous says:

    NWO is fake as your moms plastic dick one america has 4 million square miles and there is more people with guns and ammo then the government and law enforcement put together even if they call in the NWO there would be way way more civilians then all 3 put together. so explain to me how in the fuck are they going to round up millions of people in a 4 million mile square radius. you all are sheep and blind if you believe they can. what people are going to give themselves up to FEMA camps man get the fuck outta here your letting the government control your mind already sheep.

  20. OMG Look up this.. The catholic church is behind the uprising of Mohammed. History is very interesting, the more you dig, the more it reveals.. You will find that Mohammed backstabbed the Pope and did not give him what he wanted in return when the Pope gave him the education to start the Koran.. as an ex Catholic by choice, because I decided one day to read the Bible for myself… just saying. Truth is more important than the lies that cover up the truth. "Seek and ye shall find".

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