Donald Trump Illuminati Confirmed


The Mysterious Channel : The Original Video : Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel & WATCH the …


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  1. SPVCE JVLOPY says:

    Trump Dodgers moving to Canada

  2. purple 909 says:

    this is fuucking crazy

  3. do some real earth shit. dome 2017

  4. How did they predict that Trump would win???

  5. Simon S. says:

    2 Illuminati 4 my

  6. Gaina Anton says:

    dude this is deep shit…

  7. theKJSman says:

    What is that sound clip from at the end? I thought it was from a show but cant remember the name

  8. ur god damn add took 30 seconds and overall basically 1 ovr explained meme. fucking shit

  9. Tim Minh says:

    What struck me isn't Trump going down the escalator but the sign falling down. How the fuck did the simpsons people predict that too?

  10. Haziq Raza says:

    Um that channel is a ripoff of peldaphobian

  11. 47 seconds is where the vid starts

  12. Die Fry says:

    9/11 happened
    trump became president 11/9/16

  13. He's been saying that he might run for president since 1980 I guess he just has a sence of humor to model his sign after the one in the Simpsons

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