Dulles arrivals/departures- A340-200, Etihad, Cloud Surfing


Dulles arrivals/departures over my house filmed in July. Some aircraft can be seen “surfing” clouds. Doesn’t the Etihad 787 look so beautiful with the storm …


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  1. Great! Liked the United 737-900! :)

  2. I really want to catch that Etihad! One of my favorite all time liveries.

  3. Syed Hoque says:

    Brilliant! 🙂 Love the Etihad 787-9. 🙂 Etihad Airways have 9 787-9s in their fleet. There's 5 months until Barack Obama leaves the White House. Donald Trump is likely to visit London in the Fall before the Election in November. As well as meeting Donald Trump, Britain's Iron Lady Theresa May is certain to visit Washington at the end of this year. She will only have 1 meeting with Outgoing President Obama. Right Now May is keeping her fingers crossed in the hope Hillary Clinton is the next US President.

  4. 99carnot says:

    Excellent spotting and cloud surfing. Agree with you about Etihad:) Liked and have a good day!

  5. Syed Hoque says:

    +DullesPlaneSpotter Hainan Airlines will launch flights between Beijing and Las Vegas from December 2 2016. Hainan will be the Second Asian Airline to fly to Las Vegas. Currently Korean Air flies between Seoul and Las Vegas. http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/hainan-airlines-to-begin-service-between-las-vegas-and-china

  6. Cvgspotter15 says:

    Nice vid! Subbed! Maybe a sub back?

  7. Nice overhead shots, that is great to get this view right from your yard!

  8. Syed Hoque says:

    +DullesPlaneSpotter I'd put it as such that Theresa May's A330MRTT can fly as far as Donald Trump's 757.

  9. Syed Hoque says:

    +DullesPlaneSpotter Donald Trump's 757 can fly for at least 16 hours.

  10. Syed Hoque says:

    +DullesPlaneSpotter Then it makes sense Donald Trump's 757 and Theresa May's A330MRTT are even in going a certain range at certain speeds in certain scenarios.

  11. Syed Hoque says:

    +DullesPlaneSpotter Little Rock AR is home of that airport. I think Kuala Lumpur International Airport should be named after the Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

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