Dutch PM Rutte warns EU ‘running out of time’ on refugee crisis


The Dutch government has warned the EU that time is running out to find a solution to Europe’s refugee crisis. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the bloc should …


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  1. DrUgaBuga says:

    ALL countries are clear about this and willing to protect their homelands but the insane German elite!

    The madness Merkel is up to will entirely devastate Germany. The culture and security are falling apart already but this is only the beginning of what is still to come.

  2. Adam Flesier says:

    End of EU is coming just like Putinism ??

  3. Showdown says:

    Everything this misfit is saying is muscletalk. He betrayed his own people up till today and the country has never had such high debts before. The country is a chaos and he is spit by the majority of his people. His nickname is Pinokio and that should say enough. He steels from the poor and gives to the rich and tells nothing but lies. He is a Merkellike boobytrap, so watch out!!!! The out come of his "Presidency" will be zero!!!!

  4. Foerdi94 says:

    He means Merkel has not enough time left to force hundreds of thousands of refugees on Eastern Europe because of hern idiotic open door policy.

  5. Cherry pie says:

    farage on refugee crisis

  6. satti pandu says:

    Within few years these SO CALLED poor refugees in modern cloths, iphones, young will start protests for their won laws and practices in EU, if u dont agree then they will demand separate country in the name of religion. This is how they invaded India and partitioned. What is todays India will be future for EU. God save western people from these appeasement politics and madam Markel. Nobody knows who is real refugee and who is terrorist.

    Hatsoff to the EU people for accepting these people at the cost of loosing ur own culture and your children future. I can see the green flag is slowly covering the EU.
    Each women will produce minimum 10 children and each man will marriage more than 1 women, probably 1 from western society.. within 2-3 decades they will be enough number of people to raise their voices against your way of living…Saudi is always there to support them by giving incentives for giving more number of people and building mosques.

    This is one way road..once u compromise…that is end of ur culture and your children future.

  7. East Bay says:

    time is over , Eurobia is already established – the eu will fall

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