EAST COAST INVASION – Call of Duty: World War 3 Mod Gameplay


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20 Responses

  1. how can you introduce the reinforcement system in an editor?

  2. It depends in what you call manpower, in service troops yes, US has a lot more of troops. But Russia has Military Service in times of necessity and according to some sources they can deploy 55 million troops counting reserves and military service conscripts.

  3. Pls make more vlogs

  4. What is this please some one tell me

  5. For some the battle is quiet AF all I hear is tank shots

  6. This mission is played with night combat environment, too much light hurts the experience

  7. Is their a New York map

  8. watashi Me says:

    Love ur vids but wouldn't it be hard for the Russians to even get on to the the coast when the worlds biggest naval base in chesapeak bay( which is located in Virginia's east coast

  9. Nice video! Cool that you now also control the russians

  10. Tom Childs says:

    Is it just me that has a load of ww3 conspiracy theories in their recommended now?

  11. Tim Lol says:

    Canda would probably help USA with our navy tanks our army is tiny but it's elite so probly the air and stuff would help defend

  12. Sam Geo says:

    disliked cause MURICA IS THE BEST

  13. the rockets go through the t 72's with out doing any damage???

  14. Defox says:

    I'm asking myself… why  are the americans not dropping any nukes on russia ? ( in CoD )

  15. is it only me but when I saw the monument with the trenches I almost expected to see some super mutants

  16. mrsgaap1 says:

    sigh whise my pc wasnt so shity and jsut run AS2

  17. wow how can the IA miss all those rockets

  18. That hero T-90 should be named "The Ace of Washington"

  19. Keep playing the mod ??

  20. OOClay says:

    this map kind of reminds me of fallout 3

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