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  1. wow $66 and 60 cents did anybody catch that

  2. Haridas991 says:

    How can any government allow this. Trump should slam all these evil churches. They are disgusting and how do they even get to the schools.?

  3. @ 12:30 Tattoo of a Slice of PIZZA (#pizzagate pedos) on hand.

  4. sick and disgusting. Jesus help us all

  5. Lauren Lucas says:

    I've seen so many say they don't want children but that's the devil working don't let him snatch you up

  6. Lauren Lucas says:

    they are still with the tomfoolery I see ummm

  7. they don't know what to do with the money God gave them, it's more than enough.. God have mercy on USA

  8. George Bush was in a secret society not the Illuminati but some other thing and planned 9/11

  9. L.A….big surprise

  10. "And they repented not of their murders, thefts, fornication, and SORCERY" Of course it's connected to narcotics/ drugs.

  11. SHON3Nknife says:

    abortion isnt a satanic agenda … if a girl gets raped shes forced to have the child and put up for adoption or you're forcing her hand at a home coat hanger abortion. Most abortions are done to save the mothers life and are UNWANTED abortions but are medically necessary, but I don't expect you to understand because you don't possess a vagina and can't wrap your head around it. You can cover this material without getting into the politics of abortion. . you come off as sanctimonious and a non scientific mind.

  12. it not fair, where are mens rights to kill their children legally as well? quick men lets march on the streets to demand equal rights….. humans are the most demonic thing to have walked the earth, our war on life is a testament to this.

  13. jdareyah says:

    It's ironic that people claim Yahweh don't exist, but they believe in his creation (satan/ demons and so forth) It shows how backwards Satan got people minds and how confused they are.

    Also Satan isn't just ghost, monsters, witches and rituals……Satan is your religious leaders/Religions, Politicians/ World rulers, Medical Doctors, Entertainers and all who teach and tell lies and lead people away from Yahweh

  14. This is so sick!!!

  15. You are 1 paranoid mother fucker…Dial it back, you sound like a lunatic

  16. Jesus said: I do not want My people to compromise any of My teachings, just to please other people in their religion or atheist practices. I am the foundation for the Catholic Church, and it will prevail against the gates of hell IN MY FAITHFUL REMNANT. There is a split in My Church between the schismatic church and My faithful remnant. The schismatic church will teach heresies, lies, and NEW AGE, which I want My faithful to avoid. This schismatic church will control all the churches, and My faithful will need to have a proper Mass and prayer in the homes. Be prepared to be martyrs for your faith in Me, if you are chosen to be persecuted for Me. Never deny Me even in public, and you will have your reward in heaven.”

  17. Epi Serena says:

    maybe if we act more christian then god will use us instead saying it with hate

  18. Don't judge a book by its cover, this event was actually really great and I brought my 8 year old nephew with me, he enjoyed it very much as did I

  19. Luz Pardo says:

    The universe was not created by satan however the earth has been under his influence but NOW IS TIME FOR LIGHT! What is not light will be consumed by the light – All those obscures creatures will be soon taken away near satan so that they can have fun together! jajajajaja enjoy branch of craps!

  20. 45 minute lecture on cats? what? like at a veterinary college? what did they say about cats? I got a cat. I'd like to know….

  21. You absolutly right. This is crazy Insane. Why do people lust for this ?

  22. if these animals really want to meet there satanic god so badly then let's see what we can do to give them a hand to meet there NWO creators face to face to give them what they want so badly. We most save the innocent from these athiest satanic canibalistic pedophile psychotic lgbtqp and feminist animals.

  23. I am going to ask one thing. One simple thing. Do you really think you can stop it. All you are doing is glamourizing this crap. Stop inflaming a fight over stupidity. It is simply stupidity on both your side. You need to distile in your kids the "truth" you believe in. Let them live their lives and die. Stop the fighting. You all make me sick. All the same one both sides. Causeing fighting and arorgance and pride. Pride goeth before a fall. Harry Potter is a book. You bastards bomb abortion clinic. Life is sacrate. You are all crazy, satanists and christians alike. Do they pay you enough to easy your conscious. Oh, my bad none of you have a conscious. Youa re all going to hell. I give up.

  24. satanic worshippers in hollywood and illuminati finaly ad end..(?). lets hope so

  25. John says:

    The devil lost that title Lucifer when God threw him out of heaven. The devil has been defeated at the cross. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ.

  26. John says:

    1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJv

  27. Oscar Reyes says:

    Satan kiss my holy but

  28. AMonikaD says:

    Thanks ACFAU – my unsaved fiance actually listened to this presentation, because I was listening, and I could see that a light came on

  29. dawn p says:

    I just went online and looked at the pictures of the Mass titled a bloody good time….when they are standing in that circle hooked up to something with hooks in them, it appears as if there is something dead hanging from the "Bird feeder" you saw …..pretty dang creepy!

  30. dawn p says:

    Actually they are right…we are pretty stupid. The media never even covers this stuff…the general masses have NO IDEA this crap is going on. Its all so sad. Thank God for alternative media! Thanks for what you do!!!

  31. when these disgusting human pieces of garages die I'm going to laugh out loud as hard as I can because I know for a fact that all these people are going to burn and be tortured in he'll for eternity and that's what these pieces of shit deserve if ww3 wasn't going to happen so soon and these people weren't going to die I would kill these devil worshipers myself im a veteran soldier a mercenary to be persice and I can't believe iv been fighting to protect these filth this is why me and my friends don't want to be deployed anymore because we know we'll be also protecting these vile disgusting human pieces of filth who don't deserve it from us.

  32. Nah we don't believe in Satan that is just a Metaphor.. all of a sudden they chanting hail Satan.. really though???? LOL

  33. dave evade says:

    anyone that likes this guy is a fool. he's using Christianity to make money. And his Christian viewers are ok with that? wake up people, this is the msm moving off of tv onto the new popular venue. don't participate. this guy doesn't teach shit anyways. He just raised his voice and shouts stuff we already know. and who are you yelling your sarcastic rhetoric at dude? you think anyone is listening to you besides your Christian followers who you are turning into isolators? thumbs down. way down

  34. yeah its crazy world we live in! God protect us from this evil ppl!

  35. clare davies says:

    God bless you my friend.

  36. mesrio yume says:

    They have been lying for centuries. If they are not believing in Satan why they are hiding and lying. Off course Satan is real. What ever they involving crazy and telling every thing they doing is fun and art, that is their lied. 110% pure Satanic. Agreed with him people.

  37. this is making me sick with America being the only country to except this garbage. if another country, soldiers will be having them fall off buildings or rope hangings. back then, they will burn them to death on a strip of wood with oil or gun powder. this Satanism is infiltrating regular television now, which is bad. instead of going digital. these disgusting idiots are crawling in stuff, they can get their hands on. now, even daycares and houses. we have to watch. a friend and I has resumed a investigation due to the fact. a friend of mines was missing and the guy that took was a teacher at a high school. I known this for a duration of seven years as I started researching. when reading it, it was familiar with some other crimes that were involved were involved with the case. then, a link came up about this channel here. I knew since the day. I watched the videos and subscribed to this channel. it my investigation to the point as of last month, signs were shown in front of me to where. I may be getting answers soon. if you read Abraham in the Bible, he was a important man in the matter. most of all, humble and having a loving heart is cherished for life and these satanists hate true actual love. and yes, all their buildings need to be demolished. I wouldn't feel saddened, if a construction worker takes a bulldozer and destroys everyone of their buildings. other than that, we still should love our enemies.

  38. Of Course they are sacrificing, that is why there is black plastic covering all of the floors

  39. They will literally see satan for he was the fallen angel, God cast out of heaven with 1/3 of the angels. He wanted to be God & be worshiped like God. What a fool. Jesus said satan is a liar and the father of all lies. Don't be deceived by these satanist. They will literally be in the pits of hell, where the lake of fire burns forever & your thirst is NEVER quenched & the worm never dies. Satan is lying to them, he wants their eternal soul & when they take their last breath and are in hell, there will be weeping & gnashing of teeth, begging for a drop of water but their thirst will never be quenched. The torment will be horrific and unimaginable and satan & the demons that they followed will be laughing at them and mocking them while they torment them forever & ever. Soooo Very Sad

  40. tj leonard says:

    This is all sick…….lost souls going to hell unless they turn to Jesus Christ…….They need to stay away from our children's school……. their dark souls do not need to get near our children's innocent souls and minds to rot their souls with their evil satanic darkness……. this is crazy ridiculous…….. Please younger generation young ladies/women have children that's what Jesus wants……..Their is hope and the dark will be seen through the light…….We God fearing God loving followers will win Jesus wins the battle……. Satan and his followers will be put into the fire pits of hell……God help us all and God Bless us all…….

  41. Did you notice the hook through the skin in her throat. This is total demon possession

  42. People are so sick and lost, Lord help us and please wake people up!!!!


  44. The sad part about worshiping satan, is that he is NOT your salvation,  he is your demise.  Sorry to tell all you corrupt minds the truth, but your father in heaven is your only salvation. Find God before the end.

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