Episode 1: Hawaii Smash 4 | Smash Scenes


This is episode 1 of the Smash Scenes. The goal of this series is to spotlight local smash communities and allow them to tell their stories. We plan on releasing …


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  1. what equipment did you use?
    especially what camera?

  2. Great job man! I loved it. I'm excited for part 2! :)

  3. Berry says:

    ah hope you come one day to The Netherlands.

  4. Nick Kelly says:

    What other locations are you guys going to cover?

  5. Kirby star says:

    this is well done it seems like everyone was having fun

  6. Word up to the 808, I gotta get into my scene more

  7. Shinesaur says:

    This gave me the smash documentary vibes. Good video!

  8. Stefano Chua says:

    If only you guys can come to the Philippines

  9. BlazikenGod says:

    Great job on this! Would be awesome if you did a Smash Scenes video down here in Australia. If you want reccommendations on when to go, i recommend SXC in december this year or BAM9 which is gonna be sometime around May next year.

  10. Cynical DL1 says:

    some people are so cringy

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