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Primark Haul / shoplog / what’s new – February 2017
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20 Responses

  1. Mellí says:

    Dobrý den, příští týden o víkendu pojedeme úplně poprvé do Primarku a chtěla bych se zeptat jestli tam tyto věci vydrží. Nebo nějaké věci které by měl někdo kdo tam ještě nebyl vědět :D.
    Vím že je tam mnoho lidí… ale o dalších věcech nemam ani páru :).
    Neporadila byste mi prosím? :)

  2. Which primar is this? Awesome video by the way! ??

  3. Sidrah xox says:

    wht song is this at 14:40

  4. Miss Nicki says:

    Yes the new gym wear is so good!

  5. a-louise x says:

    I NEED that mickey mouse backpack but my local Primark didn't have it so I'm heading into town tomorrow to look for it!

  6. Debbie Vidal says:

    its about time Primark sold online

  7. Is it from Oxford street?

  8. Ann Holmes says:

    We could do with Primark in Malta – come on Mr Primark, you will make an absolute killing!!!

  9. The primark in Gloucester needs a overhaul we never have anything in there really ?it all looks like the stuff other stores don't want! Bristol and Cheltenham stores are so much better but can't always get to them some of the stuff is really good but when you watch youtubers primark hauls you can never get the stuff they show ???

  10. Biene Maya says:

    Mein Herz tut mir weh wenn ich so was sehe das ist einfach unglaublich viel Arbeit,viele unnötige Sachen hört auf nur an Gewinne zu denken denkt ihr auch an Menschen und an unsere Planet. Bitte ✌✌✌✌✌?

  11. Love Primark, Nice clothes, shoes, accessoires and stuff for home!!

  12. Silvia Souza says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE everything <333, but, where is the beautifuls oxfords? :P

  13. Do you have any covers that would fit a Huawei y5 phone

  14. is there any baby stuff sale is on ? if it is on how long its go?

  15. Aneta F says:

    jak myślisz czy będą te buty w kwiaty w marcu bo jadę na trzy dni . jak moźesz to nagraj film żeby było dużo ubrań w kwiaty proszę . Szkoda że nie ma Cię na filmach chciałabym Cię zobaczyć . Dziękuję że piszesz na moje wiadomości ?☺??

  16. Nadia Amiar says:

    علاش متفتحوش فروع في الدول العربية الجزائر مثلا

  17. I always enjoy your videos, but I miss seeing the baby clothing, in the kids group 🙂 why aren't there any baby items in the videos?

  18. Love your videos. Can you tell me What is the best time and day to go to avoid crowds? To Tottenham court road?

  19. Is the leather jacket with embroided flowers still there? :)

  20. Do you know if you can still purchase the thigh high boots at primark?

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