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Primark Haul / shoplog / what’s new – July 2016 Womenswear, Ladies Fashion, Homeware, Cosmetics, Handbags, Accessories, Jewellery, Shoes, bikini, …


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  1. Cet dans quelle primar k stp

  2. Robyn Hunt says:

    All looks so good!

  3. does this markets are in london?

  4. Aneta F says:

    jak sie cieszę ze zrobiłaś taki dłuższy filmik bo wybieram się 7 lipca na zakupy na Oxford Street

  5. Love Life says:

    Amazing ! I ? Primark

  6. Becca Boo says:

    Yay! Going with a friend on the16th :)

  7. @primark have you got the make-up storage already in stock.

  8. I'm so exited,I'm going there this Sunday. Thanks for keeping us updatedabout the new things btw

  9. Lovely Negi says:

    wana see you in front of camera

  10. Kay Rose says:

    Is this stock available at every primark? Or just London?

  11. D Pagne says:

    i really love primark but i really wish u pick better background music next time

  12. Hey just wondering if you can check out the fragrances from primark? :))

  13. Jess says:

    Would be useful if you specified times for each section in the description box e.g. shoes at 9:03

  14. I want all of them .. I wish I had primark in my country .. we've got pridemark here.. and its soo expensive :(

  15. simple Cash says:

    i want the game of thrones shirt!

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