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Primark Haul / shoplog / what’s new Penneys haul Autumn October 2016 Fashion, Shoes, Boots, coats, Cosmetics & Make-up, bags, Accessories, Jewellery, …


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  1. so thorough, thank you!

  2. Soulberry A says:

    Great video! And woow i loved so Many things ( like always i wanna say))

  3. So3a says:

    What an original idea… or at least the first of its kind I've seen. Good job

  4. Aoife Conway says:

    Is there a kids section on the video? Or did I just completely miss it?

  5. You are pretty dedicated, aren't you?

  6. wi ist dieser primark

  7. Esmee says:

    Thanks again

  8. Magic Me 98 says:

    I live in Poland and I haven't got primark.

  9. Magic Me 98 says:

    I live in Poland and I haven't got primark.

  10. Hi could u tell me if I've seen the embroidered pink and white flower black leather jacket instore yet please?

  11. f vdv says:

    are all these products in the Netherlands?

  12. Pity they aren't doing duffle coats this year

  13. JESblankets says:

    I just did a Nail haul video from Primark!!! I also review the nails… come check it out!!!

  14. Next time, could you prehaps put the prices of the items in the corner or something please?

  15. Are these products already in Liverpool or not?

  16. I am literally obsessed with primark I absolutely love it ! And I love the clothes and products there too, I literally love your videos so much so thank you ! Xxx

  17. How much dose the jackets cost in 0:31? :)

  18. Wann kommen Hosen und Schuhe

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