Evolution of Sex Documentary HD


This documentary and the rest of the documentaries presented relate to important times and figures in history, historic places and sites, archaeology, science, …


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  1. AtheistGOAT says:

    Nothing but Charles Manson propaganda.

    Why the fuck would he say "Helter Skeltor"?
    You tell me this. Why?

  2. nonsense – so such thing as evolution, adaption maybe.

  3. Angel Nunez says:

    Reproduction is important to reproduce to multiply

  4. bagus untuk pengetahuan am

  5. Always thought people had children do to wanting a Family . And the Child is the Best parts of the parents . If a person picks and chooses to what they want in a child , Then it is not even really part of the mother and has nothing really to do with having a father .
    This part is really sick lol

  6. Wtf I was watching what ur eyes say about u

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