Experts: World Faces Greatest Threat Of WW3 In History


The danger of world war 3 is increasing and more and more experts agree that the world is incredibly unsafe and unstable. Help us spread the word about the …


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  1. Manny Ribera says:

    Chat shit you fucking fraud. Using The Sun as a source just shows who you are.

  2. Jim Barnes says:

    I say enough is enough. Bring it on so we can clean out the rubbish on the left. Start over and do it right this time. Bring it on.

  3. Evan Rooney says:

    shits gonna go down pretty soon anyway ?

  4. Joshua Igert says:

    Go russia kick America's ass .teach them Jesus hating mocking basterds a lesson .

  5. chris dumme says:

    Oh dear, hope no one gets hurt ?

  6. Tear it all down and start again.

  7. bladebison says:

    Preeeeeetttyyyy…sure a similar video was made about the world on the brink of ww3 about 4 years ago….

  8. Isaac Acosta says:

    disarment nuclear weapon for a beeter future and a awesome life without nuclear bombs

  9. Maria Pinto says:

    New Zealand??? It will tremble so much that all of them will stay buried in their bunkers. Don't be afraid. We are God's soldiers and He will fight our battle. Everyone of us has a different role. You are doing a great work to get the world informed….the most important thing is not only getting prepared with food, water and medicine, it is getting prepared SPIRITUALLY!!! God is so sick and tired of us that He will send His Son Jesus soon!!!! That is what we need to fear, that our soul is lost. We NEED to save our souls and the souls of others. Stay tight, God is with US.

  10. As a person living in Britain I can categorically say that anything that the Sun newspaper says is absolute rubbish and is NOT a useful source of information. The sun has been found to fabricate evidence (look up its role in the Hillsborough disaster) and most recently said the queen and the rest of the royal family are Nazi sympathisers!

  11. america is too lazy to give a damn about nuklear war,they would be seating on the couch and watch russian rockets fly to america on CNN channel.

  12. Civil War??? Dixie Land? i gotta look away in Dixie Land? When I was born on one frosty morn? Down In Dixie? Live And Die?

  13. slave slave chips chips news news mass media mass media youtube youtube yes yes yes new car and shit yes yes !!!!!!!

  14. josef stalin says:

    lol this channel is full of a lot of shit , how many years have you been talking about ww3 again ?

  15. Ha ha, The Sun is known in the UK as a complete joke! If you read it you are part of the sheeplike crowd who regularly pick up copy of it on the way to work. Best used as toilet paper.

  16. what if there was a mooclear war…where millions of tnt laced cows were launched at other countries?

  17. Acid x says:

    5 more years and i am sighing up i am 13

  18. left behind will only experience ww3

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