” Exposed Illuminati ” | Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs – 2012 ( documentary )


” Illuminati Exposed” | Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs – 2012 ( documentary ) , Revealing the truth about “The Great Darkness ” in today’s world .


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  1. TheFranny117 says:

    these things are demons not aliens

  2. Jake Miller says:

    Defcon bozo (27 min) is a fraud or an idiot maybe both. Highest alert is defcon 1 not defcon 5. Defcon 5 is lowest alert normal readiness. Defon 1 is maximum readiness nuclear war imminent.

  3. Stan P says:

    The MATRIX Creates EVIL so we Suffer to learn COMPASSION (LOVE).
    Then we can ascend to the astral LUCID DREAM Reality where DESIRES MANIFEST.
    No more rules , punishment or ARCHONS!

    But we NEED LOVE FIRST or you create a Private Hell Nightmare reality.

    EVIL IS NECESSARY. Suffering is our LESSON.

    You can't eliminate the Archons until you have enough LOVE (Compassion for others). Else there would be NO MEANING TO LIFE.

  4. Aykroyd has a cadence to his speech similar to Obama. 

  5. what a joke. no funding? no money? who paid this guy?

  6. Fuzz Cous says:

    Aykroyd's MIB story at 1:01:54

  7. if Jesus Christ is alive today, he is hu he said he is 2000 Y. ago in the Bible.
    one Day, he spoke to me personal. after that i became a real Christian.
    so – i know all of the Bible is abslutly Truth.
    So in the Bible says, that Satan is also real and a falling Angle, called Demons and Devils. What than is his Goal ?
    – To deceive the hole World with everithing , but to believe in the Bible and God.
    so, all this stuff is of Satan, maid to trick the World not to believe on God hu created us.

  8. I'm a Christian and stop judging u don't kos wat dat is ull be f. Judged bye God except wat happen ing pray. @

  9. Aaron David says:

    whats this have to do with illuminati lol

  10. I remember when they reported the information about the Mexican Air Force. The big surprise was that Mexico had an Air Force and that is said that it was the only thing we can focus on in that story. 

  11. bones22j says:

    I can't look at Dan Aykroyd the same after Twilight Zone the movie. After he asked the driver of the car to pull over so he could show him something scary.

  12. Dude31463 says:

    Dan's closing statement eloquently sums up the only thing that truly matters in our now….
    As fascinating as the UFO phenomenon may be, perhaps it's only purpose for being is to shift our consciousness through awareness of our own state of being.

  13. Pac Vader says:

    channel name in the title is somewhat misleading

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