Exposing Judge Scalia’s Child Sex Ring, a Royal Prince and Political Pedophiles


My latest video; “American Pie/Star Wars: Did the ‘2016 Dead Celebrities’ Retire to Pedo Island? + Year of Fake News” …


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  1. In biblical times, they would have stoned this pedophile to death!

  2. Fluteristic says:

    Why Dick Cheney and many Bush perps have remained untouched, despite an obvious trail of human abuses and financial fraud related to bogus contracts and unaccounted expenditures, and the fact that a president can fire 2,000 auditors to facilitate raw taxpayer fraud and outright theft of public money, tells you we need to start over with this entire Congress and hire people who share the desire to reform not just government, but all 3 letter institutions that are mere projections of this failed, criminal system.

  3. I never bought into Jonestown massacre, there was a hidden undertone about government officials being gunned down at the airport that I did't like. I think that was where we started losing he media. Sexual repression gets very violent.

  4. Gary Dolby says:

    his energy is on the other side 100% fact. stop publishing untrueths!

  5. juan carlos says:

    A bunch of millionaire pedophiles. They all need to be put in jail for life….

  6. I can see this from both sides. Whist it is illegal, for ordinary people, there are millions of men who would love to have sex with these girls. Plus, the girls are not 'kids'. they are smart people who know how to play the game. 100 years ago, they would have been 'kids'. Now, in the future, this sort of thing will become not legal, but less 'illegal, if you know what I mean. We are being pushed into accepting homosexuals and all the other mind lost trans this and qthat,which is far worse than desiring a 16 year old pretty girl.

  7. Jefe Hoptosh says:

    I did not find Justin Trudeau's eulogy weird or out of place; i thought it was touching and very clever.

  8. Waterpanties says:


  9. Susie Annei says:

    You're wrong about President Trump being involved and it's slander to group him in with the legitimate PROVEN perverts that are Billybob Clinton AND HIS DARLING lover of democracy and the voting process of these united states wfe, KILLary Criminal Clinton

  10. Petra Dollah says:

    Be safe everyone and thank you for all your good, hard and dangerous work.

  11. Harris Anne says:

    Let's be honest. DEA Sex parties. IRS targeting, NSA spying, FBI & CIA corruption, DA criminal activity. This is what eight whopping years of dictator Barack damage has done to us. As bad as all this is, Sex Parties with adult prostitutes, Jeffery Epstein's Lolita express to an Island with 17,18 and 19 year old women who went there knowing what awaited them… I can't think of any men in my life that wouldn't be thrilled at the idea of being with a hot, young woman. Don't get me wrong… I'm not condoning that behavior. It is disgusting and shameful…But MORE than that. What about the Global Elite PEDOPHILE ring? THIS is a billion times more HEINOUS. The rape and torture and ingesting of baby blood and flesh!!!! An underground pedophile, EVIL ring where kidnapping babies is OK!!!! When will this be a PRIORITY!!!!!??????? Make NO MISTAKE. It's REAL and goes way up to the Clinton Cartel, Bush Family PEDS!!, Obama, CIA and FBI..Pentagon…and CPS.. WORLD WIDE!!!! This, My friends is the Global Elite Achilles Heal. Think hundreds of thousands of men & women in high places abusing hundreds of thousands of children ages 2 – 12. What Jerry Sandusky did is Sesame Street compared to PIZZAGATE!

  12. cheekymonkey says:

    Unkown to the president, yeah right.  he is the NWO speech when we succeed, and we will.  evil fucker.

  13. cheekymonkey says:

    he said JESUS was the scape goat not himself.

  14. Jimmy Hagar says:

    all pedophiles should be skinned alive

  15. Christopher says:

    Soon, l will blow the lid off this shit when my new book, "I Was An Illuminati-MK Ultra-Mind Control Sex Slave On Pedophile Island" is published. Pre-order your copy NOW @ http://www.schizophreniaisfun.com!!!

  16. These people seem to have no idea how abhorrent their behaviour is to normal people. They don't seem to understand the difference between consenting adults and victimised children who are not capable of consent. I think they should be castrated and incarcerated for life. Self absorbed and monumentally selfish.

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