False Science And The Disappearing Shoolbus


by Zen Gardner

I mean, c’mon.

What sparks this is the idiotic claim that NASA doesn’t/didn’t know where a bus-sized satellite was going to or did land!

Are you kidding me?

Satellite likely in ocean, but may have hit US

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s as big as a bus and weighs 6 tons, but officials probably will never be able to pinpoint exactly where a massive NASA satellite plummeted to Earth.

NASA space junk scientists believe that all – or nearly all – of the parts of their 20-year-old dead satellite safely plunged into the Pacific Ocean, likely missing land. But if their estimates are off, by only five minutes or so, fiery pieces could have fallen on parts of northwestern North America. (Story)

Right. ‘We’ go to the moon, land on a dime, return to a safe splashdown…in the 60′s!! Over 50 years ago! We now see galaxies zillions of miles away, watch minute troop movements and read license plates from space, and have satellite operated drones patrolling the globe?….

And we can’t follow a BUS SIZED piece of junk hit defenseless people on earth?

What’s true vs what we’re supposed to know

It’s negative, false info propaganda reinforcement, or something similarly nefarious. “We are not responsible”…(while we presume to own you with our super-knowledge yada yada…)

We’re herded like sheep. We’re being told what they want us to know. This is a perfect example. “How could WE know where it’s going to land? There’s so much that’s unpredictable!..”

Yeah, whenever that’s convenient.

They’re screwing with us, again.

One time we get the qualifier, “Who knows?” Another time they tell us, “Scientists tell us”. Look at this:

–Where’s that “we don’t know” disclaimer when they tell us about the phony “science” of global warming while ignoring the contrarian science and changes in the sun?

–Where’s that “we’re innocent silent scientists” attitude when we’re being showered with radiation from Fukushima and the govt, EPA nor anyone makes a single reading or statement?

–And where’s “air monitoring” when toxic chemtrails cover our skies in the form of supposedly “geoengineering” chemtrails and not a word is said in the mainstream media?

To continue the above absurdity:

“Pieces are falling off of this flaming fire ball, and some of it has enough momentum to go hundreds of miles,” he said.

There were no credible reports of debris on the ground, said Nick Johnson, NASA’s chief scientist for orbital debris. But if the satellite fell even five minutes later than estimated, some of it could have hit land, he said.

“We don’t know where the re-entry point exactly was. We don’t exactly know where the debris field is,” Johnson said.

Funny how that ol’ ignorance happens

You really have to see all this through different eyes to get it.

They’re playing the unwitting public like fiddles. When you wake up to it it’s almost beyond absurd. As I was telling my wonderful wife tonight, “It’s better when people realize this bad, wicked, contrarian stuff gets exposed for what it truly is…however dark. They have to eventually deduce such a force exists which then explains so much!”

It’s not circular reasoning; it’s an honest understanding and insight of the truth. These guys are nasty!

Here’s The Deal

These sold-out screwballs are so pushing the agenda they don’t realize how absurd it is. Let’s look at how they’re lying to us with all the brashness the complicit, spineless mass media can muster:

–First and currently foremost: “This here satellite is untrackable….whoaa…”

–Global warming – “Man, are we f**ked! The planet is heating up cuz we are such bad, bad consumers of stuff we were told to consume! We need to die!”

–Air quality – Funny enough, the environmental watchdogs are completely silent. As is the weather monitoring community. Think it may have something to do with Raytheon running the show? No way…it could never be that bought out…or could it?

–Radiation: When’s the last time you heard a nuclear radiation report from anywhere, never mind alert, on any mainstain media network? Cuz there’s no problem?


Bottom Line

If you haven’t yet, wake the hell up—bigtime. There’s no more time for screwing around with little personal shibboleths. We need to pull together to get the truth out about what these freaks are up to.

Our last shot is this internet link to each other and hopefully the outside world.

Let’s take advantage of it lest one day we hear, “What were you doing when the world was taken over?”

Love, Zen


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2 Responses

  1. Jos Boersema says:

    Hello, Would it be possible in general to write articles which are “properly written” ? A remark like “here is the deal” is not useful, hyperbole like “beyond absurd” does not add to the information of the article, in general the word “very” is better left out. I know it is tempting to write hyperbolic, because for us normal people these things are large. When there are 300 dead people on the border of Pakistan from drone-attacks it is a ‘large number.’ However when it is reported as world-news one may already have to assume the number is significant enough to report about. 300 dead people is not a large number of people of deaths on a world scale. Some time ago I wrote a book, and was ashamed to find the word “very” to be … [very^H^H^H^Hscratch ; )] … overused, hence I simply cut it wherever it came up. Notably Americans are famous for using hyperbole, not a good thing as such.

    An article without hyperbole, with a focus on terse information in proper length paragraphs gives a better impression. Compare the following sentence to the one just preceding:

    An important article without any hyperbole whatsoever, purely focussing on a terse presentation of the relevant information in well structured pargraphs that make a University book sound learned and well researched, gives a way better impression then writing down what you may say to your friends while being aghast over the shoddy state of this totally and utterly out of control world. I could now add “you get the point,” but as much is obvious, it is better left out.

    This tendency to write as one would speak conveying much emotion of s…. oops here i got too ! Retry: The tendency to write as one would speak while conveying emotions of being shocked is not local to this ‘blog,’ please do not take it personally. When others write in a certain way yet they write articles that should be read, then one naturally will start to write that way as well. Sites like prisonplanet.com have the same problems, however they have banned me from speaking there. Please do not be offended, I am trying to make the alternative news sector look better.

  2. Robert Hauser says:

    I have never believed that America placed two clowns on the moon for a golf tournament once…let alone six times in a row w/o mishap….and even if it could be proven beyond any reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that we succeeded in that, back in ’69 then it should be monumentalized as far more of a German achievement ….had it not been for the 76 or so German scientists spirited over here by way of Operation Paperclip, America’s so called “space program” would never have evolved beyond a Fourth of July fireworks display.

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