Feed CUT As Horseshoe UFO Appears On ISS Live Cam! 4/18/16


ISS Stay Stream: http://www.ustream.television/channel/stay-iss-stream
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Audio: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Kevin’s web page: http://www.incompetech.com

ALL footage made use of is either done under the categorical authorization of the primary operator, or is public area and falls under Reasonable Use for commentary/research/news reporting reasons under existing copyright principles.


42 Responses

  1. What the fuck are they doing to us..

  2. There's no aliens. If so ''advanced technology'' they would of made contact.

    There's nothing. I'm done looking at this so UFO videos.

  3. Έλα εντάξη, διαστημόπλοιο του Σώρρα είναι που πετάει με κλανιά και μεθάνιο

  4. Does anyone else think it kind of lools like a music note.

  5. whats the shadow that goes across the screen

  6. Moon Brown says:

    yo man, I got a pic you may be interested in, I caught a screenshot of the reflection of a man not in a space suit during the "Live feed"

  7. Lee Arnup says:

    I whatched as it happened with out realising and got it from start to finish

  8. DITRH says:

    The earth is supposedly traveling over 6 BILLION miles per year and the stars never change LOL!

  9. Kiel Knight says:

    Can you say bubbles?

  10. i like how us dumbarse earthlings make comments bout the appearance & never think hmm that just came out of our planet… where on earth did they visit? where were they all that time? what were they doing??

  11. Kevin Stubbs says:

    mate years back i was told,when working on a radio sattelite, man can go up forget now if miles,or kilometres,400 to 450,into the earths atmosphere,after that,uf rays ect,will kill any person or dog,monkey so man going to the moon,no,yes van alleens belt

  12. brad oleary says:

    That round looking one early in the video,looks like the one recently seen parked in a crater,what do you think ?

  13. Streegen says:

    How do we know it isn't another satellite???

  14. nBean Juice says:

    its my frisby im a good thrower ……ive no doubt there is life everywhere its obvious and arrogant to think anything else but would they bother with us that i doubt but u never know ….the truth is out there

  15. Dean thomas says:

    aliens are alie. you are programmable and you are being programmed. better energy exists. its a false God.

  16. light glare on the camera lens.

  17. Where are the stars and shit..?

  18. Sci Ense says:

    there's lots of satellites up there dude

  19. Why everything needs to be an ufo? That is just dust on the lens.

  20. How is it that the date of publication(17/4/16) of this video is different from the date of this supposed "alien/ufo" sighting(18/4/16) by one day?.
    (How is it possible to produce this video one day before the event took place? easy the video and story are pure Crap.)

  21. Cody Orlando says:

    Aliens? Ha, it's more like a secret military/CIA project.

  22. Fuad Suyuti says:

    Well… ufo stands for unidentified flying object.

  23. geeboy191 says:

    To me it looks like a reflection from the camera

  24. Wes 76 says:

    Over half a million pieces of junk orbiting the Earth. And if you watch the feed it cuts very often

  25. Cubic #PvP says:

    Era eu com a minha pipa espacial mds

  26. It is only an optical illusion! Its the reflexion of the big sun-collectors at the ISS. This object never move away of the position.

  27. ArkaNe92 says:

    NASA is shit. Fuck OF

  28. Corujo says:

    letra u voadora tóxica

  29. Thegabster82 says:

    It's their own shuttle with their colleages approaching the ISS behind them in orbit. But ofcourse you can believe whatever you want… sigh…

  30. good job man, go on and on and on

  31. isso stream is full o shit. If you dont lick their balls you got banned

  32. Adam Haworth says:

    it is not a UFO it looks like northern lights.

  33. to me the ufo looks like a box

  34. you think we are alone ? universe is infinite

  35. sirrus says:

    you have sort of a lisp, i like it man

  36. MrStonerLP says:

    Or… OR… It's a fucking satellite you dumbshits. Satellites can change position too.

  37. satellites ya fuckin morons

  38. Dawns Glory says:

    One of the first ones is actually the "northern lights"

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