Fidel Castro The Untold Story 2001 Documentary



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  1. The people that ran away from Fidel could AFFORD TO RUN AWAY.
    Under Batista, the poor that were oppressed could never harbor enough money.

  2. Manny Suarez says:

    you guys praising this murderer makes me want to puke

  3. Gil Neddy says:

    Great and very inspiring MAN!… thank you for posting!

  4. WOW, POWERFUL- Thankyou

  5. R.I.P Fidel. You and Mandela were the most moral leaders of the 20th century.
    You deeply cared about your people and fought murderous U.S foreign policy. VIVA!

  6. Wim van berk says:

    Thank you for this beautiful documentary!!!

  7. Scumbagel says:

    For those watching who have no prior knowledge of his rule, this documentary left out several key points about Castro's oppressive policies. In many ways he was worse than Batista.

    He was a fascinating man for sure but note this documentary focuses on the brighter side of his life and political career.

  8. Jibran Hayat says:

    Long Live Fidelism , long Live social justice and Independence

  9. Ghide Hamad says:

    Fidel: the glorious and charismatic revolutionary leader of Cuba with his selfless comrade Ernesto Che Guevara, a medical doctor bý profession from Argentina supported by thousands of poor peasants, defeated Batista & showed the entire world the showcase of their successful revolution Ala moda Cubana: right from the door step of the mighty America. He was a big man with a big case. And perhaps, '''history will absolve him" in the time to come.

  10. Ruska Bebic says:

    So sad, just another example of how much are Americans misinformed.

  11. this documetary is not the absolute truth, lots of facts they are hiding

  12. Cool guy says:

    Fidel is the greatest an all Cubans should love him.

  13. Axmed Bahjad says:

    Vive Cuban revolution, viva Fidel!

  14. It's laughable how morons don't understand that the whole intention of this propaganda is to meet you believe he was wonderful. No freedom of speech, press , travel , association or economic opportunity.

    This "free education" required you to adopt the communist dogma. If you taught your kids differently you are locked up. Fidel was worth $900m. How does a communist amass that kind of wealth? By being a Murderous, dictatorial Kleptocrat.

    firing squads, dungeons and political prisons. Cuba has no fishing industry because the government confiscated all the boats so people won't escape. The left is mesmerized by free s***. Give people free s*** and what a great country.

  15. r. i. p. brother Castro?

  16. Alex Hill says:

    Fidel Castro is now synonymous with Cuba. America, as with its drinking age, refusals to use the metric system and include sales tax in the price of goods, and insistence on referring to football as "soccer", is more or less alone in its hatred of him. America may never see him as a hero but history has absolved him in the Third World.

  17. Nick Stenson says:

    I would say this is the nearest you can get to Christ. He really did live a humble life.

  18. Why it is so practical impossible to have FREE EDUCATION, SOCIO-RESTORATIVES JUSTICE & HEALTH CARE in the racist' capitalist countries neither in so-called capitalist states?

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