Fighting the Illuminati in South Korea


James Farganne, an American living in Korea is determined to alert Koreans to the Luciferian attack on their society.

by James Farganne

Ilive in Korea. During the late 1990s, for a period of about eight months, I sold cheap accessories on the sidewalk here, and I got a good education on the workings of this society. In the course my adventures, I had to deal with many different types, including gangsters.

The tough guy with his toadies in tow would stride up to my stand and inquire about my earnings. I kept a few bucks in a fanny pack, with the real roll down my shorts. I’d show him the decoy, then buy him off with some trinkets for his girlfriends.

I learned about the admixture of good and evil. Some of these gangsters were not so bad. They were often men born into “the life”. Here, as in many an old society, your roots can delimit your fate.  I hung out with some of the gangsters late into the nights at soju tents. They’d tell me their stories. I’d arm wrestle them for free food and beer.

I saw wee-hour fights erupt in which they would grab knives from the food tents and hurl them at each other, and the first one to flee was the loser. I saw how the cop cars would cruise by, the window would go down an inch, and the envelope slip through.

One gangster bragged how if you piss off rich people, they just pay for an attack. Their methods included hooking an umbrella handle around the ankle of a mark going down a set of subway stairs, or a quick, intense knifing in a dense crowd into which they could disappear.

I never knew whether to believe that story, but it certainly stuck in my mind.
Recently, though, I pissed off some rich people here, and that story came back to haunt me with a vengeance.

I had noticed a new spate of satanic imagery in the pop culture. The biggest boy band here is called Beast. The second biggest is Shinee, and their second album was entitled “Lucifer”.

The most popular member of Beast, a boy called Hyunseung Jang, recently teamed up with a popular girl singer to form the duet Trouble Maker. They debuted their eponymous single on Seoul Broadcasting Station, a major channel here. That dance was pornographic, pure and simple. The children have been aping it. There are videos on YouTube of high school students performing it in talent shows at their schools, the boys’ hands in the girls’ crotches.

(Another band, called “As Above, Below”)


I decided something needed to be done. I downloaded the SBS broadcast from Youtube and dissected it frame by frame. I then took the most damning subliminal snapshots and compiled them into a 77-page Powerpoint presentation, printed it, and took it to the corporate offices of Cube Entertainment, the record label behind Beast and Trouble Maker.

Somehow, I managed to walk straight into the office of the Vice President. I laid the report on his desk, and said, “I see what you’re doing.”

He grinned at me. “So?”

I said, “So, you have an enemy. And I will do everything in my power to stop you.”

On my way back home, I remembered the gangster’s story. This is a small country, and I’ve been here a long time. There are CCTV cameras everywhere. As a foreigner, I stick out more than most. How hard would it be for them to find me?

I went to my local police station and explained what I had done. I showed them the Powerpoint presentation. I told them the gangster’s story. They agreed that I had put myself in danger, filed a report, and told me to check in with them regularly
The police are pretty good in Korea, believe it or not.

I call this to your attention because it has taught me something about our power to fight the enemy. This attack on Korean children is one part of the Luciferian world agenda. Lady Gaga is kicking off her world tour in Korea in April.

Koreans are intense people. If they perceive a threat to their society, they will fight it tooth and nail. But they must perceive that threat.

In the late 90’s, Koreans were still quite conservative and hostile to the world agenda. In 2004, fluoridation of the tap water commenced, and the globalization programming has been relentless. They have been hypnotized and softened. But an immense reservoir of resentment still remains. The Illuminati know it and they fear it. I think that’s why they have been stepping up their efforts to push their culture here, and to push Kpop on the rest of the world.

I have since uploaded my presentation to Youtube, and am attempting to make it go viral. (It is in Korean.) If enough people here are alerted to this threat, they will act, and their actions will create a major headache for the entrenched elite in this country.

And I think that what I am doing is what any man should do when his family and his society are threatened: he should fight, despite the dangers. If he fights well, his latent potential is activated, and he becomes effective.

The Illuminati fear that potential. That’s why they work so hard to undermine it, to weaken men, to geld them. Some say that they feed on our fear, and they are right, to an extent. It’s more accurate to say that they depend on that fear, so that they can do what they do with impunity.

That impunity is being challenged. I’ve struggled with intense amounts of fear. But I have learned that the fear can be overcome, and that direct action dispels it.

So, if you perceive a threat to your family, your community, your society, and you feel there is something you can do to fight it, please do. Pray to God for protection and help. He will guide you. There is no guarantee of protection, but when you stand to face Him, you will be able to say, in all honesty, that you did your best.

And a final note on organizing. One of the bastards’ many fortes is their ability to infiltrate and hijack well-meaning movements. The larger the train, the easier it is to derail. So I have this suggestion.

Work in pairs. Like a marriage. If possible, work with a single other human whom you trust. If a third approaches wanting to join, tell him to find another partner. If you and your partner have insurmountable differences, move on and find another partner. I think this method can circumvent their ability to infiltrate and hijack.

Of course this does not negate the power of using impersonal social networks to spread valuable information. That’s my take on the fight right now. Thanks for reading.

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    Well done and good for you!

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    Continue.Illuminati attack on my country this days too.

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