Final Hour Wars & Rumors of Wars doorstep world war 3 Biblical events unfolding


Finals hours Wars and rumors of wars Syria coalition USA Russia Iran China 2013-2014 home World War 3 biblical events emerging opens before our very …


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  2. Did you see the look on nitten yahoo's face at the recent meeting. It tells you what coming, he ain't playing. Lord Jesus, I pray for mercy and keep Isreal and the people safe. I stand with you Lord and Isreal.

  3. Only a matter of time now ?

  4. david steele says:

    ok what happens after Damascus is no more?

  5. Stan Dalby says:

    Just get on with it , we know these lizards want a cull so let's start with them, the insidious empty suits with to much money & no sense are responsible for millions of innocent deaths yet the likes of Cheney ( warcriminal ) still gets airtime on the lame stream media we should start making citizens arrests on this scum

  6. Chris Merc says:

    I can't stand when people say "nucular".

  7. onenotused says:

    The west stands with Israel! I know Syria is under the control of a government that does not care about anything except holding power at ANY cost. However I wish it were not so hard to trust what are own government claims. One cannot watch the news and know what's happening. But only what the powers that be want to project towards accomplishing their own agendas :(

  8. Yes I agree with the president.Sadly people are not reading their bibles.

  9. To mark robinson.. You should be ashamed of yourself, coming to this channel, just to use your vulgar language. But I know God is seeing u,

  10. Another religious freak trying to spread doom and gloom yet again. Well it's nearly 7 th October and fuck all has happened. OBUMMA the queer lying yet again

  11. Fuck Allah Snackbar retarded smelly fuckers.

  12. Resurrection says:

    The fact is war games are meant to take the people's minds of the facts… My name is Scotty Joseph jesso. This planet is not supposed to weigh any more on one side than the other. !!!BALANCE!!!
    But because of population growth..we are adding more weight every minute.!!!!!
    It is added pressure to planetary system!!!
    And because we colonize into different groups. Different sizes. Different weights.
    The biggest and oldest groups will have the most weight !!!ASIA!!!
    O YOU HUMANS WILL NEED A COMPUTER SIMULATION PROGRAM TO SEE OR FEEL WGAT I DO :). I bet my life that !!!!CHINA!!!! Is so large it is causing rotational imbalance… in the spin of this planet. !!WATER!! Is the only defence at the moment until our brains catch up with our mouths!!!! TORNADO ALLEY WITH NO FOUNDATIONS. IS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF CHINA. !!!PLEASE!!! It's that's simple we are out of BALANCE.
    Just contact me nothing is more important HURRY!!!

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