Five Facts – Fact Check #9


Jeremy quizzes Ryan (and Geoff) in this week’s Five Facts Fact Check! Want to see more? Go watch Fact Check #8 here: || BE PART OF …


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  1. Megan Smite says:

    Jack Harkness was more tortchwood than doctor who – I get the are sortof the same but he had his own show called tortchwood surely he should be remembered from tortchwood

  2. watsthebuz says:

    fact check #1 ryan is a dirty liar he was in fact check #4

  3. vampxbox2 says:

    New show, Presented with FACT CHECK.

  4. Captain Jack Harkness was also the lead in Torchwood (2006-2011), a Doctor Who spin-off for adults which is so much better than the parent show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, I love Jack from DW, never knew Handsome Jack was based off him

  6. Am I the only one that hates the new thumbnails?

  7. Kobe Stokes says:

    Why can't you post comments on the halo 5 things to do?

  8. ah i remamber bards tale its a good game i miss it xD

  9. More head to head fact check

  10. more head to head fact checks please

  11. Shoutout to cpt. Jack H. from Doctor Who's !!

  12. Jaam ` says:

    I finally got all the the facts right

  13. Question. Who would win?

    Hellen Keller with a pistol vs A roomba with a chainsaw taped on top.

  14. Matt Conklin says:

    Ryan said false for all five…

  15. Memoquin says:

    False. Arkham Knight was never fixed on PC.

  16. Luke Glover says:

    lol going through the original facts. 😉 Plus its the only time Geoff got most of them correct. :P

  17. THE ZAPAR says:

    Do more head to head fact checks.

  18. Adam Bomeisl says:

    The Fallout 4 one is pretty obvious if you've played any other fallout games. Why would they create an entirely new robot that's never been in the series before instead of using the iconic Mr. Handy who has been in the series from the beginning? I mean Mr. Handys are advertised as robot butlers. Also their name is a double entendre for hand job which is funny and disturbing because they have a buzz saw for one arm and a flamethrower for another arm.

  19. I would love to have a murder Roomba following me. That would be amazing.

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