Forbidden Photos of Adolf Hitler


…then a censored picture must be worth 10,000 censored words. Adolf Hitler was the most photographed man of his time, and yet, the only images we ever see of him portray him negatively – usually delivering an impassioned speech.
This collection of images show another side to the man – a side that someone does not want you to see!
Forbidden Photos of Adolf Hitler
Have a close look. Ask yourself if maybe….just maybe….this was not the eeeeeeevil murderous monster portrayed in History books and Hollywood films. Study the images, and open your mind to the possibility that maybe…just maybe…. we have been lied to about World War II (and so many other events!)
Once your mind is open, bookmark the photo-journalistic epic entitled FORBIDDEN HISTORY. Study it closely and refer to it as a resource guide. Your life may never be the same.

* The WW 2 portions of Forbidden History

Below: Greeting ex-King Edward (UK) and his American wife.


Below: Congratulating Norwegian figure skater Sonja Heine.



(He was a vegetarian!)

“He (Hitler) could not bear to eat meat, because it meant the death of a living creature. He refused to have so much as a rabbit or a trout sacrificed to provide his food. He would allow only eggs on his table, because egg-laying meant that the hen had been spared rather than killed.”

– Leon DeGrelle, Friend of Hitler’s, Belgian General, Waffen SS


Below: With ex-UK Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1937)


Below: With Spanish leader General Franco.

Spanish leader Franco

Below: Making peace with French leader Marshal Petain.

Sharing a laugh with a friend.

Below: Meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.


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  1. cliffco says:

    What kind of person could go from one extreme to the next and still be happy? A psychopath! Would you like to be in the same room with a psychopath? I’ll bet not. Guard what you say and think, or you may be repeating history! OOPS! Bashire Al’Asaud!! Poor sheeple can’t see the forest for the trees…..Just remember…when your dying ….5 minutes can equal a whole lifetime! Talk about going to hell!!

  2. Michael Walker says:

    You are so educated. Your profession? In admiration, Michael

  3. i always new my uncle had soft spot

  4. I wan’t to set the record straight.
    A Jew is a religious and ethnic group
    A Hebrew is a race of people.
    An Israelite is a nationality
    A Zionist is a political organization

    90% of the people is Israel today are not related to the 1st centruy hebrews.
    70% of the people in Israel do not practice any religion at all.
    The people calling themselves Jews have adopted Judaism as their religion and are masquerading as Hebrews.
    There are several sects of Judaism The Ultra Orthodox Jewish fanatics, radicals and extremest that are in the Zionist occupied government, the Orthodox Jews, Messianic Jews and the Conservative Jews.

    There are 2 main groups of Jews living in Israel. 1-The Ashkenazi Jews that adopted Judaism in the 14th century under the Kaszar King. They are from southern Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. They are from Mongolian, Turkish and Tarter descent. 2- The Sephardic Jews that are from the middle east.

    The 1st century Hebrews were from Judea and spoke Aramaic, not Yidish.

    There is prejudice and discrimination in Israel today. The ashkenazi are 1st on the waiting list for housing and the Sephardic are 2nd.

    If you wan’t to change the system, start with changing the political economic system 1st. If you wan’t to get rid of the parasite of the American body politic which is monetary authority to create money from debt, remove the host and the parasites will die. Get rid of the Elite Globalist CABAL of the NWO of Elite Politicians, Bankers and Industrialist. Return the U.S. to a Sovereign Nation. What ever race, color creed or national origen that does not wan’t to live under National Socialism is free to leave. We are an equal opportunity Sovereign Nation.

    I am sick and tired of people playing the race card to force upon the American People their political and economic agenda. Whoever controls the banking and monetary system, if the shoe fits, where it!

    • i always new my uncle had soft spot

      a jew is a person from judea, dos not have to be jewish,could be muslim,zionist is of zion, a place in or about sinai,hebrew is a language? but is new words,old or older was a pho ,research that,,israelite were a breed or tribe,relatives of the person israel,remember coat of many colours?its very obscured ,that maybe delibrate, poland was called israel before world war 2, and the jews moved from egypt to iraq,to syria to north europe,,the best way to answer your question, is to google semetic, this will give you a more real version, true talmudists are evil, jehovah is lucifer, and i,m not religious

    • i always new my uncle had soft spot

      a jew is a person from judea, dos not have to be jewish,could be muslim,zionist is of zion, a place in or about sinai,hebrew is a language? but is new words,old or older was a pho ,research that,,israelite were a breed or tribe,relatives of the person israel,remember coat of many colours?its very obscured ,that maybe delibrate, poland was called israel before world war 2, and the jews moved from egypt to iraq,to syria to north europe,,the best way to answer your question, is to google semetic, this will give you a more real version, true talmudists are evil, jehovah is lucifer, and i,m not religious,their was no israel in mid east, it was given to jews in return for loans,by uk, and usa

    • Guest says:

      Which is another way of saying, annihilate the Jews. Thank you for the semantics.

  5. John Cook says:

    Good to see the majority are awake to the Zionist lies about Hitler. I’m not a supporter of Fascism but he was way better than the Zionists and communists he was fighting against.
    One of my favourite stories about Hitler that says it all was about how much he hated smoking. Apparently (from a biography of Eva Brawn) he would tell people at their dinner parties how, when he had “unified” europe he would make a law that all tobacoe products would have to have “Smoking Kills” printed on the pack. What an outrageous, fascist imposition! Lol.

  6. Hitler beat the jews by throwing them out of the banks, media and entertainment of Germany and told them to hit the road. In doing so he also got rid of the commies as most, if not all of them were jews. Hitler had Germany go to a Gold Standard economy that functioned on the worker’s behalf, made jobs for everyone, cleaned up the streets and made the trains run on time. And the jews hated him for it. They pulled every marker they had, and created new ones just to get the world to do away with him. And when he was on the ropes they pulled the always re-usable hollowhoax out of their carpet bag to hang on him and the people of Germany. They have for ever been sucking Germany dry ever since.

    The jews are evil. Not fit for peaceful habitation with human beings.

  7. Nancy Stein says:

    Wow. Hitler with little blonde children, how touching. So he liked his dog. I suppose even Nero had one human quality, so what? Hitler treated his “beloved Eva” worse than his dog. The individual who posted this is either a pathetic liar, or the most historically ignorant individual on earth. The best you can say about this mass killer was that he was a demon possessed pawn of satan.

    • Guest says:

      Don’t you someone to sink your fangs into right now. Your Jewish story is unraveling before your eyes and globally so. Deal with it parasite.

  8. Watchman48 says:

    I can imagine that even the most vicious animals in the world have their tender moments, just as these pictures show one of the greatest monster that walked on two legs….
    Many believe the lie as being the truth and the truth as being a lie… and they are or will perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved…

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph 6:12

    • John Cook says:

      What programmed bullshit – if you regard Hitler as “one of the worst monsters…” you must be incredibly ignorant of history. He doesn’t even come close to psychopaths like Stalin or Churchill. Churchill for instance organised the fire-bombing of a totally undefended, totally non military city of Dresden. It was full of cathedrals and art treasures and populated by old men, women and children. At least one hundred thousand died. For absolutely zero military gain. THAT is Evil. Hitler just fought back against the Jews.

    • Johnny says:

      That might be true, but it goes for every Pope also that was commanding the great inquisition during the dark ages against the real Christians… it goes for Stalin, it goes for certain American leaders in our days too. Don’t you think so?

  9. Chaos says:

    There was more Lies told (by the Zionist Controlled Media and Governments) about Hitler and Nazi Germany than there were truths Told. So Many Sheep believe the LIES. A Catholic American told me that the Nazis Systematically Killed Catholics the way the Jews claim they were killed. I Informed him that the German people were a Majority of Catholics and had no agenda for killing Catholics. Regardless, this person probably still believes the Millions of LIES made by the Jews and Zionists. Jews , who are supposed to be intelligent have said that Hitler and the Nazis Killed 6 million to 12 Million Jews . With only 9 Million Jews in the world at that time , Killing 12 Million of them would be a FANTASTIC Feat… but you will still hear those figures being used as Impossible as it was. Supposedly A Million Jews Killed at Auschwitz, with two Crematory Ovens they would still be burning bodies today. I guess a Millions People just b urn up like match sticks when they are Jewish because there is no other logical explanation. At Treblinka , Belsec and Sobibor they Claim that 750,000 people were killed, then Buried (both an amazing feat that takes more than just a few hundred German soldiers) then all 750,000 bodies which would take up the space of a small town were then Dug Up and Burned. Amazingly the bodies burned without Fuel or Firewood. Unless Jews are Chemically made up of Petrol, this would be impossible, but the world believes the Jew Lies. If it was Germany that did all of these Millions of Fantastic things , then why is it that EVERY EUROPEAN Country pays Reparations to Israel for the HOLOHOAX? I thought France, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Etc. were Invaded by the Germans. Why do they have to pay Extortion Money to Israel? It’s another Jewish Scam plain and simple. It all ends in the formation of Israel stolen from the Palestinians, 7 Million Palestinian Refugees (that is a REAL Figure) Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Killed since 1947…REAL GENOCIDE carried out by the “Self Chosen People” on native Palestinians. Israel and the Elders of Zion Control the World Bank, Mass Media Worldwide, and many Governments Including “the Unfree Slaves of Amerika” . Follow the theft of Money, land grabbing Wars, the flow of Oil and the Lust for Power and you find the EVIL Culprit every time….ISRAEL and it’s Zionist Puppet Government of “Amerika”.

  10. Graham says:

    I know damned well we’ve been lied to. We’ve always been lied to.
    The Germans had found entrances to inner earth at the south pole and they already were building their own UFOs back in Germany. That’s what WWII was all about. If we hadn’t stopped them they would now be ruling the world, but I for one think that the world would be a much better place than it is now if they had won the war, even if we all ended up having to speak German. A small price to pay really in the greater scheme of things. Germany are the strongest nation financially in Europe today and that’s after losing the second war. Our Bullingdon Boys and the Skull and Bones boys in the states couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery, they’re just little rich boys who have never known what real life is all about. Where is the backbone that we used to have? The only thing that those ‘in charge’ are good at is getting us all fighting against ourselves when we should be fighting against them.

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