Fox News Sides With Liberal Media Against Cliven Bundy; Enrages Millions Of Listeners!!

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The heat is on Fox News Hosts who without warning turned on “the last rancher standing,” Cliven Bundy. In a traitorous move Fox News sided with Liberal Media today when The Washington Post did a hatchet job on an interview Mr.Bundy gave on Saturday to mutiple media sources.

 Fox News Sides With Liberal Media Against Cliven Bundy; Enrages Millions Of Listeners!!

Instead of going after The Washington Post, Fox News made the decision to go after Cliven Bundy. Guerilla Media Network talked to a Fox News Producer Matt Finn today and asked if they had listened to the actual full length version of the original Bundy interview, the answer was,

“No I did not, I based my opinion on what I read in the post.”

Calling Mr. Bundy’s use of the word “Negroes” as insensitive, the Fox News producer Matt Finn admits he never even listened to the original interview.

Patrick Henningsen of said today:

Critics site that the New York Times had in fact taken Bundy’s comments last week out of context and cynically took advantage of his provincial vocabulary, spinning it against him, willfully ignoring the actual meaning of his statement. A pro-federal government media bias combined with a left-wing blood lust to crucify the embattled rancher prompted mainstream media outlets to completely flip the meaning, so as to demonize him in a politically correct court of public opinion.

Read Patricks full article here: Bundy Responds to Race Storm, As Media Attempt to Divert Away From BLM Crimes

You decide after viewing the original interview and the Media Matters spinned version if you think Fox News was right in attacking Cliven Bundy:

Thanks to Pat Dollard for bringing this to our attention:

Spinned Version:

Full Length Version:

At the time of this posting not one Fox News Hosts whom just yesterday supported Mr. Bundy has called him to get his side of the story.

Please join us in boycotting these news “personalities” who have now put Mr. Bundy’s life in danger:

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  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    Fox is a mindless bunch of Fvcking dweebs that does not check their sources.
    Just like the criminal media that lies and spins the truth to sell papers and create havoc for honest citizens.

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