LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE God Bless Hiram Abiff was busy working his Craft, when he suddenly found himself transported into the center of the Earth by …


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  1. D90Girl says:

    It's Satanic and best not be a part of……Fact, regardless of what you say or think !

  2. Yuri Ki says:

    It's interesting. But in my opinion info in this film doesn't lead you anywhere, but will confuse you even more. It all mixed with some theories, some facts, some myths, some lies, some truth and so on. It all mental games of duality)) The only thing I can say is what people call now as good later can become as bad and vice versa. All depends on what level of consciousness you are in at present time and how good you are evolved. But the main question is always be the same – "WHO AM I". Who or what is that observer looking from you and where exactly your real location. If one answers it – then he will answer all the other questions at once!

  3. there is only one true source from where we can distinguish between good and evil and that is the TORAH. anything else outside of this is a lie of satan..what really gets me is you so called intellects who are so confused in your own theology you miss the simple truth that has been laid out in front of you, that even a child can comprehend it but grown men fight against it with there very being….

  4. cbenji07 says:

    Hiram Abiff is the American black man

  5. book b says:

    well done documentry.

  6. What is that beautiful music playing in the background? Early in the video

    Great video

  7. according to the Sumerians…which is the oldest version, Cain and Able were twins. That ends your bias story.

  8. Ivan Ross says:

    This is bullishit

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