From the Shadows, emerges a New World Order, THEIR Order


By Halaqa Studios, UK in 1996

We are all aware of the effects of media propaganda in our daily lives. Few of us however, realize that media propaganda is a well orchestrated global campaign to influence our behaviour; our thinking, our dressing, our culture, our lifestyle and virtually every aspect of our life, including our religion. The following article is a summary transcript of an audio tape called,

“Shadows – exposing the New World Order.”

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August 2nd 1990, Saddam Hussein’s forces crashed through the defences of oil rich Kuwait. In fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia, the United States and her Coalition allies poured into the Arabian peninsula to form a deterrent; a deterrent that would be known as Desert Shield. The result was a series of diplomatic talks; negotiations and counter negotiations that rapidly declined into a no-hope situation. On January 17th 1991 Desert Shield became Desert Storm!

The conflict was witnessed by millions through the eyes of CNN and the BBC. Showing propaganda of the systematic eradication of Saddam’s forces by a coalition far superior in technological, political and economic power. However, what was little known was that from the outset, the War was engineered, controlled and manipulated by an elite group.

A group which had created the illusion of a man with power, at the head of a million strong army, on the verge of going nuclear. A man who had gained control over one fifth of the worlds oil overnight. However, in reality he was merely a pawn, in amongst many pawns – Just a puppet in a grand master plan, with the Gulf War as a well-orchestrated stepping stone.

The orchestrators of the War were by no means strangers to controlling major world events, in fact they have done so for centuries.

From the Shadows they have engineered every major war, revolution and recession. They control Everything You Read, Everything You Hear and Everything You See. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populous to their way of thinking, and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority. And it is from the Shadows that they have created A New Political Order, A New Economic Order and more sinister A New Religious Order.

Their ultimate aim is total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal. The goal that was outlined in a speech given by a former President of the United States: George Bush: “What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a BIG idea, a New World Order”.



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In the year 1099, Pope Urban II of France, declared war on the Muslim Caliphate to capture the land of Jerusalem, which was under Muslim rule since 637. The Dome of the Rock was seized by a group of warrior monks calling themselves the “Knights of the Temple of Solomon” or more simply “The Knights Templers”. In Jerusalem the Templers learnt the secret arts of the Kabala, an ancient form of Jewish magic, along with its dark rites and rituals. In 1314, Pope Clement 5th declared all Templers as heretics. The Templers subsequently formed an alliance with the King of Scotland, Robert de Bruce and aided him to defeat the strong English army thus achieving an independent Scotland and winning favours with the King.

The Templers had brought themselves back from the brink of destruction and never again would they allow themselves to be destroyed. In 1603 King James 5th of Scotland became King of England by virtue of descent. In doing so Scotland and England joined to form a new Kingdom and the power that the Templers held over Scotland spread to give them a firm grip on the whole of Great Britain. In order to preserve their secret order the name “Templers” would have to die and instead the new name they chose for themselves was the “Freemasons”.

The first Royal member of the Freemasons was Frederick, Prince of Wales. The latest members include Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and consort to the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, who herself is the grand patron to the Mason. In the years to come the world would witness Europe and America being plagued by wars and revolutions, which were in fact schemes created by an exclusive few driven by hunger for absolute power.

In 18th Century France, the majority of the population was very poor whilst the Aristocracy and Royalty lived a life of luxury and extravagance. The Freemasons would use this gap to make the pledge for power (by a carefully planned propaganda war) resulting in the biggest upheaval in French history – the French Revolution. They completely controlled the media system and used it to sway the tide of public opinion. With the people, the politicians and the Military of France under Masonic control, the Freemasons could finally strike. In 1793 King Louis 16th was beheaded in front of a crowd heralding an end to the French monarchy and paving the way for another Masonic controlled state in Europe. In 1904, Marquee du Rosambo, a freemason, said before a packed audience: ” We are then in complete agreement that Freemasonry was the only author of the French Revolution.”


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When the so-called founding fathers of America landed on Plymouth Rock they were faced with a tyrannical British regime. In order to gain complete dominance of the new state, the Masons orchestrated the American War of Independence. The leader who took the war to the British was none other than George Washington, a Freemason. The world’s first Masonic State was born-a nation that would represent masonry in every way. A sign of the Masonic presence in America is plainly visible on the dollar bill, which carries a picture of George Washington, the First Freemasonic president in the world, and the picture of the freemasonic symbol of the so-called all seeing “one eye.”


The Freemason’s recognize that their plan for a global government hinges completely on subjugating the masses to their agenda. The greatest threat to their plan posing more danger than any army or law is the threat of a free-thinking mind. In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the Masons have set about the boldest plan devised. The complete control of every aspect of human life. YOUR life. And the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes, entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing. In today’s society, people are spending more and more time engaged with modern media, television, cinema, and computer games and the Internet. Popular fiction and popular music are integral part of our lives yet these provide a vast expanse on the information which you are taking either consciously or subconsciously into your mind- information on society ranging from ideals and morals and the difference between right and wrong to the way societies and economies should be structured is passed before you every single day. These media play a significant role in providing the basis for determining an individuals view of the world and everything that exists; thus any one group in complete control of this information placed on these media will in effect have the power to indoctrinate practically the entire populace of the world to their way of thinking and it is this fact that the Freemasons are exploiting. The Masons are using the entertainment industry in particular to condition people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally; the methods they use vary, but the goal is the same: to impose their beliefs, their ideology and objectives on you in such a way that you begin to think of them as your own.



The products of the masonically-controlled music industry are riddled with subliminal (subconscious) satanic messages. Although the listener may be unaware, backtracking is a form of hypnotism or brainwashing and has the power to be very destructive.

(a) Mozart
Wolfgang Mozart, a freemason himself, composed a symphony, which is based on a story taken from ancient Egyptian mythology of Isis and Osiaris, The pagan rites of ancient Egyptian Mythology form one of the fundamental aspects of freemasonry.

(b) Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is hailed today as the King of Pop. On the cover of the recent “Dangerous” Album, the freemasonic symbol of the one eye can be found as well as a picture of a bald headed man well known to the Occult (Satanists) as Alistair Crowley. Alistair Crowley himself was a freemason who became a Satanist and wrote the book “The New Law of Man”, which stated in it that it would one day replace the Quran as the law of man.

(c) Madonna
In her famous song “Like a Prayer” it is not God that the prayer appears to be directed at but Satan. When played backwards, the words “0h hear us, Satan,” are clearly audible. The freemasonic one eye has also been featured on the video for one of Madonna’s songs, where Madonna actually appears with the one eye coming out of her forehead. Madonna also appears on a video for one of her songs where she is standing on some writing; closer examination will reveal that this writing is actually Arabic, and is Quranic verses

(d) The Eagles
Their famous song called “Hotel California” when played backwards the words “Yea Satan” can be clearly heard.

(e) Mick Jagger
Wrote the song “Sympathy for the Devil”.

(f) Church of Satan
The “Church of Satan” was headed and founded by Anthony Sans Delivi, the author of the Satanic Bible. It appears that the teachings of this church may have been the integral belief of many famous personalities in the entertainment industry, from rock groups to more main­stream artists; Openly or subliminally their agenda and beliefs and ideals are propagated on the big screen and the small screen, from big-budget Hollywood films to simple cartoons. Ideas spread through the domestic television can reach a far wider audience than movies and cinemas and it is through this media that a new concept is being introduced: The concept of one global leader.

(g) The Simpsons
Matt Groening the creator of the most famous cartoons The Simpsons is a self confessed anarchist. He has himself admitted that he wanted to get his own political ideas across within his own work but he wanted to do it in such a way that people find it easy to accept his ideas & the means he chose for this was the cartoon “The Simpsons”. There are many lessons programmed to us. These include disregard for authority, either parental or governmental, the bad manners & disobedience is the ways of attaining status amongst people & the ignorance is cool whereas the knowledge is unfashionable. However, what is especially worrying is the masonic undertone in one episode in particular. The father of the family “Homer Simpson” get obsessed by a group of people known as “Stone Cutters” or should they be called the Freemasons. Upon joining the group, his fellow members find a birthmark on him, the mark which makes the rest of the group declare him to be the chosen one. So goes on to say: “I always wondered if there was a god. And now I know. There is, and its me.”

(h) Rudyard Kipling
Famous for his novel, ‘The Jungle Book”, Rudyard Kipling another freemason wrote a book “The man who would one day be king”. The book is the story of two soldiers who journey to a country on the edge of India and are captured by the local inhabitants, a people called “Kaafirs”, named after their country, “Kaafiristan”. A necklace is discovered around the neck of one of the soldiers on which is engraved the symbol of the masonic one eye. The Kaafirs revere him as their god and attribute to him the divine attribute of immortality. The man himself first regards himself as a king and then in his new-found power, begins to regard himself as really being a god. From the Muslim perspective it is prophesized that a man would arise from amidst the kaafirs (which means infidels in Islam). He would be recognized by his one eye and would be made a world leader claiming first to be a king and then later to being god.


Drug abuse in terms of monetary value is one of the largest industries in the world. During the 1980’s with the threat of communism taking over Central America, money was urgently required to finance the rebellion movement against communism, and to raise this the CIA allowed drugs to be traded between America and the rest of the world (revealed by American Senator, Jack Bloom). The freemasons have used or created problems within society to turn and manipulate events in accordance with their agenda.


Advances in technology are the way forward for freemasons; these allow the actions of all individuals in society to be monitored, checked and recorded. Technology is there to restrict the choices you have. Control of the masses means the complete control of every aspect of human life – YOUR life! Shocking acts of terrorism, soaring crime rates and increasing incidences of violence are propounded by film, media and government reports alike, creates strong public sympathy and support for harsh tactics and surveillance techniques. In this way, more and more technology can be introduced and the level of monitoring and surveillance can be increased. They can already find out who talked to you on the phone, where you work, where you shop, what you eat, what you wear, how much you are worth, what you earn, etc. One identity card will allow even closer monitoring and enable a complete psychological profile to be compiled on each and every individual in society. In addition, moves are being made to replace hard currency with a system that relies totally on electronic funds transfer (smart cards). Inside the smart card is a microchip with a tracking device that calculates every single transaction, and thereby log your every movement anywhere in the world.


The Freemasons’ plan for complete global control by one governmental body means that they must pave the way for complete global economic union, complete global legislative and political union and complete global military union. With the formation of the European Economic Community (EEC) the first significant steps in the creation of this global government was taken. The EEC has become a testing ground for the New World Order. Plans are already underway for the establishment of complete monetary union. All this will mean that eventually, in the super state, in the EEC there will be one currency, one economy and one government (a masonic government).


By the 1970’s, it was becoming increasingly clear that the population of Europe and White America was rapidly declining while the 3rd world nations were expanding. Somehow, the gap between western populations and 3rd world population had to be abridged to restore Western (masonic) supremacy on a global scale. In the 1970’s, President Jimmy Carter commissioned the Global 2000 report. The findings of the report blamed virtually all of the world’s problems on the population growth of non-­white people. The report went on as far as recommending elimination of at least 2 billion people in 3rd world nations off the face of the earth by the year 2000 in order to restore Western supremacy.


In the 70’s, the AIDS epidemic broke out claiming huge amounts of life in 3rd world nations. On Oct 26th 1986, the Sunday Express became the first Western newspaper to run a front page story confirming the findings of Indian and Soviet newspapers entitled: “AIDS made in lab shock”. In this article, a distinguished physician Dr John Seele, and professor Jacob Seegull, a retired director of the institute of biology at Berlin University both concluded that the AIDS virus was man-made. The outbreak of AIDS has been linked to vaccine programmes around the world administered by the World Health Organisation (the medical wing of the United Nations). Germ warfare against the innocent and the weak aimed at eliminating an entire populace off the face of the earth. AIDS is nothing other than the modern day “final solution”.

The United Nations is a general assembly of the majority of the nations of the world. Britain, France and America are already ranked within the five major powers of it’s security council with the others being Russia and China. This means they have enough power to veto any motions passed. In December 1992, the president of the general assembly declared that “the UN must become a functional world parliament”, and went on to say that “the UN should be equipped with it’s own intelligence service”.

Already above the law However, the UN has already attained military power. It operates it’s own army, an army that stood back while thousands of BOSNIAN Muslims were killed by the Serbs in Bosnia. And instead implement an arms embargo that left the BOSNIAN Muslims without any means of self defence. When UN soldiers were sent to wage war against General Mohamed Farah Aidid, during the months between June and October 1993. American helicopters fired on hospitals, houses and civilian crowds killing hundreds of unarmed people. After an attack in which 71 died, the head of the UN mission, Admiral Jonathan Howe said, “We knew what we were hitting: it was well planned.” This was a clear breach of the Geneva Convention, but when the US military attorney was confronted on these points, his reply was that “The Geneva Convention did not apply to the UN forces, on the technicality that the UN is not the signatory to the convention.” In other words, UN troops were free to commit any war crimes or atrocities they wanted, and were above any law. In fact, the UN far from bringing peace with it as it claims, instead has spread corruption in the land, leaving a trail of death and destruction wherever it has gone.

During the days of the cold war, the very existence of the Soviet Union, meant that the freemasons path to a global government would take time. Now that Communism has been destroyed, it seems that the freemasons can at last use the UN to achieve their goals of a global government, therefore, having the entire world at their grasp with none to stand in their way. Or so they thought.

For as the Earth cries out because of the corruption and injustice they have spread over the land, through the agonizing centuries of their dominion, the world is witnessing the reawakening of an old noble warrior “Islam”. Since Islam stand against injustice and discrimination, freemasons now trying to portraits Islam an enemy through their media and by spreading misinformation about this great religion. During World War One the Freemasonic governments managed to destroy the Islamic caliphate and annex all its territories. The part now called Iraq was put to British mandate and current borders were defined by them and through the Iran Iraq War.

After its independence the USA took over interest in Iraq. In fear of a DEMOCRATIC uprising the CIA aided the Baath party rise to power, making Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq and an ally to the Masonic states. When Kuwait later started raising its oil prices, it was destroying the war torn economy of Iraq. Threats were made but ignored. The situation worsen until finally Iraqi troops were mobilized to the border. The freemasonic media, the American media in particular, portrayed this as a shock and an outrage. However, it is reported that the US ambassador to Kuwait had prior knowledge of the invasion and Iraq’s intentions, as did the CIA. But the US stood still until the invasion.

After the Gulf War Saddam is still alive, and Kuwait has been liberated. It remains to be asked exactly what purpose the Gulf War served to the it’s freemasonic orchestrators. The Masonic west has long realized that the control of oil is vital to their economies, one of the main reasons is their reliance on cars and road transport. However, although technology exists to mass produce fully operational electric cars, all attempts to do so have been vetoed. This is because oil is crucial to maintaining their world order, without the wealth from oil, Muslim economy would fall, and without the puppet governments and leaders, such as Saddam Hussein, the freemasonic west could not control the Muslim nations.

The Gulf wars served many purposes, to promote Western unity, to create divides amongst the Muslims nations, to act as a testing ground for a entire arsenal of military weapons and cocktails of chemicals and drugs, but most of all it served to ensure a strong military presence in the middle east.


As the Earth cries out at the injustice and corruption that they have spread out across the land, through the agonising centuries of their domination, the world is witnessing the awakening of an old warrior, Now the freemasons have another enemy to contend with – an enemy which they thought that they had destroyed; an enemy that will never bow down to the demonic plan and evil of the freemasons. That enemy is Islam.


The last Prophet of God – Muhammad (SAW) said that a man will appear first as a tyrannical king, then he will claim to be a prophet, finally he will claim to be the lord god himself. The Prophet (SAW) further foretold that this liar would start to conquer the world and no place would remain unscathed except the two Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina. He will call to a false religion. He is the Dajjal, meaning “impostor” and he will be born with one eye. It is also known that before the appearance of the Dajjal, a group of people will pave the way for setting up a system to prepare the world for his arrival. In other words, the forerunner to the Dajjal will bear all the characteristics of the Dajjal. The forerunners to the Dajjal are none other than the freemasons.

“One eye” is their official symbol Will be born with one eye
Through the World Bank they oppress the 3rd World through unattainable interest loans Will oppress all who do not follow him
Many viruses have been created or mutated in laboratories Will have the ability to spread disease
Are playing “god” by using genetics to alter and “improve” creation Will claim the Divine Attributes of God for himself

Today the freemasons weave another kind of magic in the form of hidden or openly propagated messages in films, televisions, cartoons, music and all the other cogs in their well-oiled media machine. And this same media machine has continuously been put into action to slander and destroy the character of Islam. Their arrogance knows no bounds and they obey no law, but that of their own making. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that a time would come when the whole world would gather around to plan the destruction of the Muslims as if they were gathered around a table to take part in a meal. Today the nations of the world are doing just that around the circular tables of the United Nations General Assembly hall.

He also said that the time of the Dajjal would be years of confusion, people will believe a liar and disbelieve one who is trustworthy and those who rebel against God will have a say in general affairs. Today, during the time preceding the Dajjal, there is also a time of confusion. The system set up by the freemasons have ensnared many Muslims away from truth using lures such as wealth, materialism and fulfilment of earthly desires. These times of tribulation are like a giant sieve sorting out the true believers from the apostates and the hypocrites. Many have adopted the lifestyle and philosophy of the Dajjal system retaining perhaps only their Muslim name or clothing wearing like a badge to their identity, and in every other way embracing wholeheartedly the system that is being used to eradicate Islam.

Embracing the same system that stood back and did nothing when pregnant Muslim women had their bellies ripped open by Serbs, killing them and the contents of their wombs. The same system that stands still while women and little girls are being raped in Kashmir. A system that stood still while mothers saw their children dragged away by soldiers during the night, never to return. The forerunners to the Dajjal have set up this system to destroy Islam, either directly through military and economic coercion or indirectly using ideological warfare. They have divided and conquered, instilling diseases such as nationalism and racism, into the heart of the Ummah. Their biggest fear is Muslim unity and revival of the Message brought by the Last Prophet (SAW) to mankind. And everything they do is geared to prevent this.


The masonic West has long realized that the control of oil is vital to their economies. One of their main reasons is their reliance on cars and road transport. However, although technology exists to mass-produce fully operational electric cars, all attempts to do so have been vetoed. This is because oil is crucial to maintaining their world order. Without the wealth from oil, Muslim economies would fall and without the puppet governments and leaders such as Saddam Hussein the freemasonic West could not control the Muslim nations. Poverty creates unity. And Muslim unity is the greatest fear to the forerunners to the Dajjal.


The Gulf wars served many purposes to promote Western unity, to create divides among the Muslim nations, to act as a testing ground for an entire arsenal of military weapons and cocktails of chemicals and drugs. But most of all, it served to ensure a strong military presence in the Middle East. The forerunners to the Dajjal have placed a stronghold in the very heart of Islam itself and laid a firm grip on the Muslim Holy Lands. But although they plan, Allah also plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners. The final victory will be to the Muslims. Allah is Greater!

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  1. John Harris says:

    Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people think about worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  2. pufa sako says:

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or tips. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. I desire to read even more things about it!

  3. Thanks so much for providing individuals with such a wonderful possiblity to read in detail from this blog. It is often very pleasurable plus full of a great time for me and my office colleagues to search your site a minimum of thrice weekly to find out the newest tips you have got. And of course, we’re always pleased concerning the very good solutions served by you. Selected 2 areas in this post are in reality the most effective I’ve had.

  4. Bob says:

    Not everything is a conspiracy you know. I think you are over analyzing too many things. Like the $1 bill. You know if you look at a $1 through a microscope at 100x, you can see 666 written over and over again? I swear to God…

  5. Andrew says:

    thank you for your great work

  6. hungry4food says:

    And all the while the Globalists are consolidating the resource base away from the public , at the same time they are wanting to win the public support over for a Carbon tax system that will inflate the Price of all Resources , Food and Fuel being the majority of people cost to their lives around the world , and while the price is driven higher by the carbon tax policy of a cap and Trade Policy , the global elite will be finalizing the wealth consolidation right into their hands for total global control ;

    And Greenspan is helping the top hedge fund operator to figure out a way to consolidate what private gold holding are out in the private sector ,

    wealth consolidation by resource consolidation is all according to the Plan of the NSSM200 that Kissinger said was Key to bring a world population control into effect ,

    China is the Key to this by seeing the manufacturing base first consolidated from all world nations by a simple currency manipulation that created the Giant Sucking sound Ross Perot talked about before the 1994-5 Free Trade agreement was started , that took away the tariffs that could leverage china to float their currency values because as they grew durable production their currency should have risen in value , but they stood on it , and when this happens the effects of Greshams Law of the Century play out ; , and as they consolidated durable manufacturing production , and as the the worlds trade deficits grew China was consolidating wealth that was not just , and so their simply currency maniuplation has allowed them the benefit of wealth consolidation that they have used to further consolidate intrinsic value of world wide resources to the point of majority domination of these vital resources , Rare earths are vital, and China owns them all
    PetroChina’s 60% stake in oil sands project may appear good for Alberta’s economy, but it’s bad for Darfur
    China hails $US3b oil deal with Iraq
    China hails $US3b oil deal with Iraq. August 28, 2008 … desperate for energy that it is prepared to make significant concessions to secure oil supplies, …
    , along with the durable production that goes with the wealth creation , and the Central bankers stood by and did nothing about the currency indifference that was creating this equality division , but it was on purpose , they had warnings over and over by economic think tanks ;
    The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses; By Robert E. Scott; February 1, 2000:

    It has also taken Mexico’s Jobs away over the years too. Europe’s Jobs too. This is all because of a Simple Currency manipulation that does nothing to promote quality in our products.

  7. hungry4food says:

    If this Consolidation of Resource gets completed , Hyper Food Inflation will be the result worldwide .
    Is this a sign of the times like when in past historical events in Europe during the lead up to supply shortages that led to massive Famine, conflicts and World Wars over resource supply are we at this turning point again in world events where we are starting to fight over control of a worlds resources that might be determined as in short supply for a Unsustainable population trend ? History shows us that the remedy for this type of conflict between nations has always been to expand the resource base to broaden the reach of abundance for society to increase the quality of life for equalities sake , then peace casts down across the landscape , and it takes a governing body of leaders who understand these fundamentals , do we have such a government today ??? Resource expansion is the only way towards peace , but the Environmentalist Marxists are heavy handed in the Policies Governments employ today and they are calling for a reduction and restriction of these Human needs , how will it all end ??? Right now its trending towards consolidation of resources , has been for quite some time , this will not end in Peace , we have History to prove that .

    Potash needs iron hand , are the International bankers and IMF and World bank acting as facilitators in the process of consolidation world wide resources to then be the wealth consolidation of world populations Free market fundamentals like Kissinger talks about in this 1974 study , , that calls for worldwide population controls by the year 2000 ???
    September 7, 2010

    A twice-burnt China is shying away from the idea of taking on BHP for Potash Corp; it needs a real fighter on its side, like Xiao Yaqing.

    The Communist Party committees that govern the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that could conceivably take on BHP over Potash Corp are having trouble raising a collective hand.

    ”The problem is not that they are called the Communist Party committee, it is that there’s a committee of seven or nine people who sit around making boardroom decisions not only on personnel and strategy but on every-day operations,” says an SOE veteran.

    This time around, over potash, foreign investment bankers are having trouble rousing China’s nationalistic spirits to make it third time lucky.

    ”There is just not the level of ‘national interest’ concern to make something happen,” said one banker.

    Sinochem, whose subsidiary Sinofert monopolises China’s potash imports and fertiliser distribution, and which is also 20 per cent owned by Potash Corp, is the logical candidate.

    ”Our people tried selling the idea of potash acquisitions to them a year and half ago but nobody was interested,” says a second investment banker.

    Would the bankers line up and allow china to consolidate this resource along with all the others they control in the world for total domination of resources and collapse free market valuations that react to free supply-demand fundamentals , and in the end cause extreme volatility in markets to the point of Governments interaction to stabilize the volatility and federalize the distribution of what resources would be left to USA interests ???

    Or is it going according to plan …………..

    World Bank Threatens “Drastic Steps Necessary” if Nations Refuse Population Reduction Implementation

    The link below shows a restriction of access to resources , so again why are they doing these things and why are we not calling them out to Public Debate , if its so important to limit access to earths resources ????
    The bureaucrats behind Obama’s “Great Outdoors Initiative” plan on wrapping up their public comment solicitation by November 15. The initiative’s taxpayer-funded website , , has been dominated by left-wing environmental activists proposing human population reduction, private property confiscation, and gun bans, hunting bans, and vehicle bans in national parks.

  8. hungry4food says:

    the globalists are all wound up over earths carrying capacity being reached , this is why private finance is gone and Government are printing their operating revenues ;
    Read what CHINA say their excuse is for wanting to dominate this fertilizer resource , fear of their huge population problem , this consolidation of fertilizer resource will hyper inflate food prices .

    • The NWO is the elite politicians, bankers and indutrialist. Why are the jobs in manufacturing being out-sourced to China, India and Mexico? And why are the illegal imigrants running across the border into the U.S.? It is the agenda of the elitist to break the labor unions, thereby reducing wages, living standards and maximizing their profits. Why is the U.S. trading with a communist country? You can put as many isms on it as you want. It is a international conspiratory drive for power, on the part of the men in high places, willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim, Global Conquest. They are attacking the middle class on two sides; the forward and rear flank. It is called conquer and divide. They are not concerned with morals or right or wrong; they are concerned with profit or loss. To the victor belongs the spoils. We are engaged in and economic war. The end justifies the means. I am calling on all the Arab nations to break the international banking cartel by abandoning the Dollar, British Pound and the Euro, replacing it with the Gold Denar, and start demanding payment for your oil in Gold If the world went on the Gold Standard, this speculative buble would deflate over-night. We are all victims of the economic system. The only way to get rid of parasites is to remove the host, which the control of the International bankers to print fiat currency without precious metals backing and which we are forced to accept due to the legal tender laws. Central Bank Notes, stupidly called money are Bills of Credit. Currency on decree. The international bankers should be tried before the World Court and charged with intrinsic and constructive fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, check kiting and counterfeigting.

  9. hungry4food says: – Take a look in this article about Al GreenSpan advising the Short King of the Housing bubble , John Paulson , man tell me they are not following the plan Kissinger laid out in this study, , where he said if there were not population controls implemented by the year 2000 bad times were in store , and the way to do it was by consolidating the wealth in order to control the population , and think about this , the economic collapse is a worldwide event and these International banking institutes are in lock step with whats going on in financing and how the resource consolidation process is playing out with China as the point of consolidation , totally a mechanism employed in the trade policy that all Government secretaries and bureaucrats ignored as the Chinese manipulated their currency and created the Ross Perot Sucking sound .

    • fanatic says:

      This article is one sided trying to discredit Freemasonry!!! Why not come up with a non-biased opinion. You’re just promoting and advertising a kind of religion!!!

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