FULL Rand Paul Highlights CNN Republican Debate


Senator Rand Paul full highlights at CNN Republican debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. The candidates on the stage include Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio …


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  1. The moderators really screwed this debate. They stifled conversation at every point by saying, "Don't talk about that, we will talk about that later." It is disgusting. For a network that is supposed to provide information and communications, they did a horrible job of keeping the conversation flowing. Everyone was cut down to and told to shut up any time they tried to speak on anything the moderators didn't want to hear. CNN is a disgrace.

  2. I just don't understand how he could be doing so poorly at this point. He had so much momentum going into this thing before the clown show entered the race. I mean, Trump is entertaining, but is he really who people believe is the best person to lead this country right now? If so, we're more screwed than we already are. Which is "stick a fork in us, we're done" screwed.

  3. Will Fiscal says:

    I try to inform all my friends and family of true men trying to do good in our country. It's hard to open someone's eyes but we all need to spread the truth as far as we can.

    Wake up the sheep.

  4. lennypoz says:

    It's sad how bad Paul is doing in the polls, he is easily the best candidate for president.

  5. after I read these comments I conclude that Rand Paul is the candidate of the smart people and Trump the candidate of the stupid people…

  6. This guy and half of the field polling at 3 percent should have been on the earlier card.

     I love his van full of supporters in the background screaming whenever he says ~anything~. That'll convince us your guy's right!

  7. It sounded like the dumb fucks that booed Trumps saying he wanted to monitor Syria's and ISIS internet (Not us moron, them) are the same ballless dorks screaming at falsetto octaves only dogs can hear whenever Rand Paul farts. What a bunch of fucking assholes. lol

  8. ok computer says:

    There is only one master and chief. Rand Paul, and many thanks for his efforts.

  9. URCHIN SAM says:

    is it just me or rand paul always talks like Maggie Simpson

  10. TheBig Nig says:

    fuck all these candidates they are all fucking fraud Especially the Democrats even worse traitors than the traitor republican Candidates

  11. DeathBySeksy says:

    Move the mouse!!!!!!!!!!

  12. re575817 says:

    If you had the cojones you are showing now at first you would be in the top three. I am a Democrat. I vote my heart. Why the fuck did you not act this way from the start!?!

  13. the only real candidate trump is a fucking tool

  14. Bob Jones says:

    Rand is a great filibusterer

  15. John ya says:

    Hey Marco, at least he voted.

  16. Paul He says:

    Rand Paul is great but maybe he's got no chance.

  17. Rand Paul doesn't understand jews want chaos. Iraq a mess? Libya a mess?? – It's what Jews WANT

  18. S mk says:


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