Future – 56 Nights [Official Video]


Directed by: Vincent Lou Film DOWNLOAD ‘F*ck Up Some Commas’ on iTunes NOW http://smarturl.it/FutureCommas 56 Nights is available on …


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  1. If we really look hard enough at the video, we can tell future is clearly fucked up and trying to OD when he filmed. Any questions?

  2. Jose Garcia says:

    I can actually understand him ?

  3. 56 bars in a month aint impressive!

  4. Niggas can't wait to say they don't understand what he saying. Mfs not tryna hear what he saying. Y'all just need some shit to say.

  5. this nigga is fuccin awesome

  6. uhVizy says:

    When i drink out da cup its so dirtyy

  7. Suave harris says:

    future be dropping some fire

  8. Tarris Bouie says:

    Check out YFN Lucci remix???

  9. Tyler Durden says:

    driving home drunk this is the song i want playing

  10. kenyon says:

    I go to the block its 100 I got to the block its 100 I dun did enough in the jungle. I dun put in some work and they love me. when I drink out the cup its so dirty. had the blow at the store they was lurking. poured a 4 in the cup it was breakfast. sprinkle sauce in my drink and I took it.- Future

  11. PALLAZ says:

    well, at least he's not wearin' women clothes.

  12. Garrett Cox says:

    i think me esco and future are crazy.

  13. top kek says:

    my kitten sat on the keyboard this came out is it a sign

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