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  1. I see a room with a man??????????????and take kids.????????? Manny breaks into houses is still little kids steel.????????????????????????????????????????.

  2. He should have said sing for me ?????

  3. BreadY says:

    hey pewds ter under the angelas eyes is a pedofil

  4. BreadY says:

    and he ken foto you

  5. Isn't this that game with stalkers, and they kidnap kids, and Angela asks if you're parents are around, and the cameras in the eyes and that crap?

  6. Angela:cool.i aways wanted to chat with a ghost
    pewdiepie: what the f*** did u just call me
    me:im dying hahaha??

  7. Tiger Lilly says:

    Couldn't stop laughing hahahh

  8. Yuckkkk when you had spit on your face I was eating. You made me nearly throw up.

  9. ZoLexa says:

    I remember this omg

  10. How do u get a pussy wet?

    Throw a cat in the water.

  11. RonanFishley says:

    I want your guitar poods!

  12. Eric Carter says:

    omg LMAO gj pewdiepie im crying now

  13. Jadesus says:

    I lost it at the intro

  14. Pewdiepie hey it's in Swedish in iPad

  15. Waled Iron says:

    Ther is samtheng in her eye

  16. hai Doan says:

    She is watching you?

  17. Claws TV says:

    he is. watching PDP in the eyes lol

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