Gears of War 3 – Mad World


Extended Version Mad World By Gary Jules


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  1. Here's to hoping Gears 4 isn't shit and delivers some good tear jerking moments like 3 did

  2. Miguel Cruz says:

    if only this was in the game that you could play

  3. Sandra Tovar says:

    i have that game in Xbox 360 i have gears of war 1

  4. this made me feel feelings never before I remember when I watched this when I was 4 I cried all day and watching this again I'm crying and I'm worried for my life my whole family and my brother he was the one that was always there we had this bond stronger than ever and I feel scared and I know one day my brother will die young for what he does and he is only 18 and he is gonna turn 19 in a few months so please pray cause I'm worried and crying and I'm only 8

  5. wait why does it say brothers to the end when there's a lady on the team

  6. MrGardea77 says:

    I just reached THAT point in gears of war 3. Sh*t, i don't remember the last time i felt like that in video game.

  7. heynow 0921 says:

    this is the type of trailers that use music roght. most people use this as a meme

  8. George lugg says:

    It's sad that this song is a meme now

  9. gears 3 é extremamente épico!

  10. Brandon J says:

    U cant say gears if war and halo are the best games ever created like these 2 games are just great and there trailers have been amazing. Halo and gears of war fan to the end if anyone talks bad about either i flip shit on them

  11. Dark Master says:


  12. Swift Deluxe says:

    i miss the old day?
    I loved it sooooooo much and now i haven't played it for 2 years???

  13. should of let him die so he could go to heaven with his wife……right?

  14. XL LEGEND XL says:

    yoy focking I♡ love gears of wars

  15. LeonExTV says:

    Hy Guys,hope you liked this video!
    Next Week i will release a new Gears of War 4 video!
    Check it out,BROTHERS TO THE END!

  16. Gears of war VS God of war ?

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