Gears of War 3 – Mad World Instrumental


: In honor of gears 3 and some characters This death is not the version used in the game , but I will upload when I find it .


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  1. Thank god Dom is dead now???? because now my dear friend and my worst enemy can't play with Dom in campaign.

  2. R.I.P Dom 🙁 The only happy thing is hes with Maria R.I.P Dom again

  3. BN Boss21 says:

    You know in a zombie survival game (post Nuclear), this would make a great song for finding a lot of people who's just ashes.

  4. This has me crying man, the piano is so fuckin beautiful 

  5. Jamie Hughes says:

    top ten saddest gaming/movie/anime deaths
    1: nagisa – clannad: after story
    2: seiko shinohara – corpse party
    3: mufasa – lion king
    4: dom – Gears of war 
    5: marley – marley & me
    all my opinions

  6. Domduckderp says:

    last few minutes of Dom's death over every gamer who played gears of war: FUCK DOM NOOOOO!!!! (crying)

  7. e gio says:

    This is just mad world, if you call it Gears 3 why not use their version of the song

  8. I learned to do this on piano just so I can play it when dom dies and then I cry

  9. are you ready for GOW UE, bitchies? we all love GOW, do we?

  10. Ben Dover says:

    the ad for this video was for gears of war, and they played the original song

  11. Asher Lyle says:

    In saving carmine, people we killed dom 🙁 somebody had to die its all our fault


  13. never thought it would end like this. huh maria! RIP DOM i was always second player

  14. All I see in my head when I listen to this is people killing themselfs or jumping off bridges

  15. Lik If u cri ery time

  16. The feeling of sitting at a bonfire in DS.

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