George Michael Dies on December 25th – Illuminati Baphomet Blood Sacrifice Ritual EXPOSED


George Michael’s Homosexual Agenda Exposed / Drug Addiction – Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Ritual Date || Baphomet Agenda Satanic Illuminati Pop star Blood …


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  1. Ran Tamimi says:

    True , gay agenda is one of the depopulation strong reason , no more babies ,no more family values , more unhealthy bodies leading to death etc

  2. Mike Ballott says:

    gay or straight if you play in the gutter yr bound to get dirty.. use rubbers have fun stay safe

  3. LAST CHRISTMAS Song was true

  4. HE didn't have AIDS Dumb ass

  5. Gays didn't create AIDS you stupid fuck. It was a Population control disease.

  6. KILTS are not GAY they are apart of the History of that Country WTF you are a stupid FuCKWheat BUCKWHEAT idiot

  7. saturnalia, James Brown, Michael Jackson, k left eye, Aaliyah and Roger Troutman died on the 25

  8. Sean Thomas says: LOOK HERE everyone. They're spamming what I wrote about CHEM trails. Read the comments till you find my name : 0

    Boss is angry. Come get me bitch.

  9. Mark says:

    Please don't listen to the homophobia from this guy. He knows nothing. AIDS is a disease that affects the worldwide community and not the gay one solely and this is a well known fact.

    George Michael was an activist for the aids community and he would have cared for himself more than the average sexual being, he lost his partner to aids and so he was consciously clean apparently and I will not have you speaking down about that community.

    Please stop this general hate of a loving soul or you will end up in hell yourself for sinning about the creation of god who is one and all, and get real accounts from real people. Not just this religious brain washing. Amen.

  10. Lukey T says:

    naomi fields u re absolutely pathetic if all you do ia taunt people online must feel really lonely where u are u complete imbecile get a life punk ass slut

  11. Lukey T says:

    and as for this video and comment u re a bunch of evil pathetic losers with no respect for human lives and nit even the dead u re absolutely diagusting all this hate will take yiu straight to hell convince yourself u will go to heaven u re totally pathetic

  12. Celtic Angel says:

    There not going to really tell you how he died if he was a sacrifice now are they??

  13. Celtic Angel says:

    25th December is the birth of Jesus Christ and for the illuminati / Freemasons / Kabbalah is the opposite, it's Satans / Hell Day,

  14. sometimes….a triangle…is just afucking triangle.

  15. paul hoye says:

    stop comparing peoples sexuality with aids, it affects all people regardless of sexuality. nutter, also comparing it to illuminati and all evil things.. this video is designed to drum up hate.. nasty person. you are evil, and trying to put it over as sound morals.. people are awakening to badly educated no marks like you.

  16. wake up says:

    Why are americans paying taxes to mind control and use directed energy weapons (V2K, remote neural monitoring, microwaving, scalar, sound) and gang stalking on innocent targeted individuals? These weapons can't be seen or traced and the victims are left with little recourse. The media, politicians, and psychiatry all cover and are complicit in allowing this torture.,,,,, watch Jesse Ventura's Brain Invaders youtube, John Hall's book Guinea Pigs and numerous others exposing the truth.

  17. No doubt exist a ENFORCEMENT OF GAY-TRANSGEN STYLE ON MEDIA. Is notorious the fact that famous esotheric personalities like Da Vinci, El Bosco, Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Anger they are bisexuals too.

  18. You don't have to be homosexual to get HIV, some people with Haemophilia in the 80s got HIV from factor 8 the clotting agent from blood because it was not tested and also people who had blood transfusions . I know 2 people that was both heterosexual and it was because of the infected factor 8 that they died very young .

  19. news flash idiot who made this video, you can still die of AIDS if you're straight.

  20. Rob LIt says:

    Aids yummy yum I'm gay for gay cum x) AIDS in my bum my ass burn like Satan's Illuminati vagina pum AIDS!!!!

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