God Vs Satan – The Battle Between Good And Evil (Documentary)


In this edition of end of the world videos and documentaries, we are going to present you the final battle between the good and the evil i.e., the final battle …


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  1. Your playing with your own soul God or Satan pick one? You decide only believe and call on the name Jesus Christ and mean it will he forgive u of all your Sins and put your trust and faith in him alone…

  2. truther says:

    GOD vs SATAN lol like satan has power against our LORD , you should call it YHWH against the ANT asshole of the world LOL you are funny , you make satan sound so powerful when in reality he is weak and full of shit , he was made BY our LORD so no such thing of him being is VS lol

  3. Satan is a woman, the most perfect creation of God

  4. God created Lucifer, and God created hell. There is no struggle between good and evil Exocet the struggle of us humans not falling into temptation. Who can stand up to God. There is no contest, it is an offense onto to the Lord bring Lucifer to such a high status. satan does whatsoever the Lord allows him to do.

  5. Braden Scott says:

    true very true

  6. fuck off you deluded Xian www Joy of Satan exposing Christianity

  7. There are those who know the religion is bad but glorify it for their own selfelsh gain by pretending it makes them a better person and that it's for good people. Then there are those who actually believe the religion is good, although it's not, and think it is where they belong because they are mislead good hearted people

  8. When it's time to avoid the facts of the effects from certain religious practices then psychiatry must be put into play. This is the seperation of church and state.

  9. I do not believe in Satan and as punishment he is sending me to heaven to be with christians, forever! :(

  10. The new testament and the christian idol jesus christ, is Satan's great deception, it's an inspiring story, but that's all it is, a Greco-Roman fairy tale.

  11. What was "the Lord's" reason for sending people off to war with others? Was it because he couldn't provide enough for "his people", so he had to send them off to violently rob others? Doesn't that make him the instigator of war? Can an almighty god be a jealous god at the same time? Doesn't jealousy stem from insecurity with one's own self?

  12. Mike Romano says:


  13. Mike Romano says:


  14. If Satan is hetero I hope he kicks god's ass and put a stake up god faggot ass like the act of Dracula. God is a fag in case anyone don't know psalm 2:10-12

  15. the world introduced you to your religion & it didn't come from within U,how do U interpret he is greater in me than he that is in the world?

  16. well I'm not serving a god that curses me

  17. Load of fucking pish. As usual. Dont forget that adam and eve look normal. And there is not 72 fuckin virgins waiting for anyone. Or 77 fucking virgins . Fuck knows who came up with all this fucking shit because it doesnt fucking exist. Good and fucking evil exists every fucking where and we cant do fuck all about it. Pray in any fucking way you want.

  18. Sorry. Adam and eve look normal but before nethanderals! yeah fuck off. First humans were normal but the rest were not. Fuck off

  19. this guy says that an all powerful god needs an army so he's recruiting on a constant basis. i say that that so called all powerful god must not be all powerful if he needs an army

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