GTA 5 Real Life Military Mod – World War 2 Tanks, Planes & Weapons!! (GTA 5 Mods Gameplay)


GTA 5 mods real life military mod featuring World War 2 tanks, planes and weapons with Typical Gamer! New GTA 5 mods livestream! ▻ Subscribe for more …


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  1. Ka Long Tang says:

    What is TG drinking

  2. I seen the Sherman in prison it is big ?

  3. rae scremmurd is a fAMOUS RAPPER

  4. Mg40 from World At War

  5. he said pp and then it lagged

  6. Luke Cim says:

    You should try a Japanese zero

  7. Fifty cal. Broming

  8. It's called a pick axe like really BRO

  9. Karl Bartne says:

    Your vid are too long

  10. Ali Ibrahim says:

    i hate cod ghosts

  11. The gun is called m14

  12. Ali Ibrahim says:

    reznov love the ppsh

  13. Ali Ibrahim says:

    reznov love T 34

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